Saturday, June 20, 2009

Winter Bikkies

The other day something special arrived in the mail from the land far far away...

Mum said, he's an Airedale, but neeh, let us tell you, he's not like us...

Inky: I sniffed his bum (of course), and he's definitely not one of us...

Mum said, she got him from (whatever that means)...

Then she got the goods out: Oats, Rice Flour, mashed banana (yum!), Arrowroot and Bi-Carb of Soda. She mixed it all together and made a big doughy ball, then rolled it flat. Time had come for our new little friend to go to work...

Then dad came into the picture and made some other shapes out of the left over dough...

And we had to wait what seemed like an eternity (20 Min) by the oven...

until the shapes came out hot and golden. Mum popped a couple in the freezer and a short while later (finally) we got to taste the first batch...

They were delicious but we got told we had to wait for more until the next morning because we've already had loads to eat that day (although we didn't think so, of course).

So the next morning we woke the pinkies up and reminded them that it was time to devour the rest of the cookies. We stormed into the kitchen and demanded...

And sure enough, there they were...

Then it was straight down the hatch...

With not a crumb left to spare...

Tell ya what, they are fantastic and definitely worth waiting for...

We were allowed another one but then got told that two is enough Bi-Carb of Soda in the guts which Molly promptly endorsed with a big Daleburp. What a classic!

But the Airedale cannot be fooled. We are fully aware that there is a whole stack left over so we think we are gonna have some friends over and devour the lot...



  1. YUM!

    So, if woo live in the land Down Under, the khute khutter must have khome from the land Up Over!

    They look furry yummy!


  2. We want to be your friends! Those Airedale cookies look very yummy to us!
    We love the picture of you patiently waiting! That never happens here!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. G'day Inky & Molly
    That cutter is awesome. We've got the star cutter, a christmas tree, a cat and a bone but no airedale cutter. You could ask your mum to make the wooscotti and use the airedale cutter on that. Your biscuits look awesome.


  4. Hi Inky & Molly

    Great cookies! That is a cool cookie cutter!

    lots of woofs

  5. Lip smacking good! Aren't homemade treats the BEST!? Even the mixing and baking process makes our mouths drool! The wait is worth it!

    Go slow,
    Jake and Fergi

  6. Hallo Inky and Molly
    Ich hätte auch gern so einen tollen Keks!
    Vielen Dank für Euren Eintrag auf meiner Homepage.
    Da Ihr Halb-Deutsche seid *gg*, kann ich hier ja öfters schreiben. Meine Mama spricht nur ein bisschen Englisch.
    Nach Australien würde ich gern mal kommen. Meine Mama sagt, es liegt auf der anderen Seite der Kugel und ist viel zu weit.
    Und dort gibt es Kängurus, Mama sagt ich hüpfe wie ein Känguru, aber ich weiß nicht was das ist.
    Schick mir eins, ich schicke Dir ein Reh und ein ganzes Mohnfeld!
    Liebe Grüße aus dem verregneten Deutschland

  7. Inky and Molly Dear Ones! We would love to come over & help you eat those yummy looking cookies. Our mouths are watering now! Will you send us the airline tickets please?? Our mommy said we'd have to swim across the pond or something like that to share with you. Phooey!!
    Smooches from pooches, BabyRD & Hootie

  8. We got one of those Airey cutters from the National Airedale site at Christmas! Made yummy cookies too. Enjoy your cookies and the cooler weather! How cool does it get there?

  9. Yummy and adorable treats! That's awesome!!


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