Monday, June 21, 2010

Inky Pupdate

Yes, yes, yes. I am walking! On FOUR legs!!

Did you hear that? I am a four-legged person again!

I am walking, putting weight and all four sticks of mine. They wobble about a bit but they are working!

I can't believe this. I haven't had a properly functioning fourth leg for pretty much six month now, but Number 4 is back and it's here to stay (I hope)!!

I have to go.

I have to go and walk around some more.

Will post more later but I have to plan my first trip to the beach now, and prepare for xmas in July, and the Airedale Club Bush Day and....oh, I can see my life has been given back to me!

Watch out world, the bitch is back!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lights Out

Hi all, it's Inky here.

I just woke up from some weird kind of dream...

Before I dozed off, I vaguely remember going to that dreaded place in Melbourne where they hacked my little leggie. All seemed ok but for some reason, ma and pa were walking into another direction to me, waving good bye before they disappeared through the glass doors.

Then I felt all groggy and the lights went out.

When I woke up, I felt absolutely awful. My head was humming as if I had helicopters going back and forth between my ears. My stomach was churning and turning and my gut felt terrible.
I could barely see through my own eyes and everything was a blur.

Shards of voices were humming through the room. Was that mum?

There was a noise of rattling coins, or perhaps credit cards being swiped.

Oh gee, I was a real mess.

From what I could gather I had a near miss with someone who tried to kill me. 

I felt ma's familiar and warm grip to support my wobbly legs, then I collapsed again.

The next thing I remember is that I woke up looking like this...

I figured it couldn't have all been a dream. I had a shaved butt butt. AGAIN.

And some bastard had stolen the fuzz off my entire leggie. AGAIN.

My poor little crook leggie. I had just managed to regrow all the fuzz the bastards stole it in January.

Who left my hinie exposed like this in the middle of winter? What sort of a scuzzball would do that to a little pup like myself? Hadn't I already endured enough??

However, I was glad to finally be home again in safety, but gee, I still had monster headache and, boy, was I ravenous.

I instantly ordered mushy porridge, a bowl of warm milky water and a handful of treats.
I felt some relief but still felt dreadful. My ears were way down.

I got the shivers, BAD, so my pinkies tucked me in with a hot water bottle...

And Molly kindly lent me Angus to snuggle up with...

And the lights went out again...


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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treading Water

Hi all.

It's Inky here.

Well, I have been treading water with my little broken knee.
Just no improvements, only limpies. It's been 5 months of boringness.
I don't know why things are so buggered up, but they are.
My outdoor life has been restricted to barking at pigeons in the back yard and umpa-lumpa-ing around on the lead outside, for ridiculously small and unexciting walkies.

The other day, I have had it. I put my best "I am a broken soul so please do something and put me out of my misery"-look on and persuaded Pinkie to take me to my favourite place in the world - the beach.

I knew she wouldn't let me go bonkers off the lead but she at least helped me get into my favourite element, WATER.

See body of water - must go in!

We came prepared. I had dressed the pinkie in her gum boots so she could brave the freezing ocean waters together with me. I was wearing my special hydrotherapy outfit and so we went to a safe spot, next to the Barwon Heads bridge where the river meets the ocean, with no waves, and firm ground.

Then it was time to really "tread water". Just what the doctor had ordered!!

I can't tell you how good it felt to have the icy goodness swishing and swoshing and splishing and splashing in my leg furs. I love nothing more than the feeling of "beach" between my toes.

Boy, it was hard not to take off and go bananas but I know what my limits are at the moment.
We went up and down a few times and I guess I was a bit buggered after all that exercise.

We headed up to the nearby cafe for refreshments.  Overlooking the coast I gazzobled my raw hide bone...

ahhhh, life was good again...

When we got home I was well ready for snoozies...

and since I have become a cripple, the couch seems to be my favourite place.

Ahhhh, thank you, Pinkie.

I needed that....


Monday, June 7, 2010

Tuesday Mornings

We love Tuesdays.

Tuesday mornings is when the bins get collected.
It starts with the 6am drumming and kraplonkering of the garbage trucks coming up the lane.
Then a "tweep-tweep-tweep" as the 1st garbo reverses closer to our house.
But by that time we're already on high alert.

We sleep inside, you see (direct descendants of the common house cat, would you believe it!)
But that doesn't stop us from picking up the first signs of "Tuesday Morning" (super-sonic hearing).

We vividly BARK our little noggins off. We dance and prance around the house and thus indicate that we HAVE to get outside to "greet" the "tweep-tweep-tweep" which involves EVERYONE having to get up of course. Hey, we're only being friendly. Not our fault it's currently winter and freezing cold and too dark to be standing out on the dewy deck in old-fashioned pyjamas.

And as luck would have it, we not only get one sort of garbage collected on a Tuesday mornings, no, TWO!! So the whole thing happens twice over.
Boy, what a festival - every Tuesday morning.

It get's better!!!

Since we're all up, we might as well go for a walk.
With all the emptied (or not so emptied) bins around, some lying on their back, we follow the irresistible scent of Bin Juice. Delightful.

Sometimes, there are BITS which we immediately try to hoover up before the pinkie yanks on the lead.
She doesn't know what she's missing. Yumalicious Bin-Juice-covered BITS. Arrrr.....

But when she really gets upset is when one of us tries (and sometimes succeeds) to climb and crawl into the tipped-over bins to get to the heavenly sweet-smelling jackpot of 10 year-old festered substance while the other distracts her with walking off into the opposite direction or pretending to go potty.

Hooray! We love Tuesday mornings!!

After all that activity we retreat to our Banana Lounge and enjoy the morning sun - we don't have to go to work!

Whoop whoop,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A weekend with Max and Pekoe

Hey all, it's Inky here.

You all know by know that Max and Pekoe are practically family.
They're here all the time, we're there all the time.
It doesn't really matter, it's all family.
Best thing is, they live just around the corner or rather "down the road".
We know the way quite well. If you walk it orderly on lead (who does that?) it will take you about 10min tops.
Molly, being a bit of a superior being,  has even walked the distance all by herself, forget about the lead OR the guiding pinkie. No kidding. That's how well she knows the way.
Crossing the highway, walking along the railway line and over another busy road, she's found her way home, all by herself. Twice. What a clever little chicken, hey?!
At least the second time Max and Pekoe's family knew where to find her and then decided they wouldn't leave the door open for her to escape anymore.

Anyway, that's another blog post.

So Max and Pekoe came for a weekend of "fun for four".

We did all the usual things, go to the beach together (no, I did not get let off-lead, what a sham), dine alfresco together, mongrel around together, walk around town together and so on.

But then, WE GOT DONE. Big time!

She's been raking us, scraping our furs out.
She says, every now and then we have to "pay the rent".
She plucks and plucks and "harvests" our fuzz, like there is no tomorrow.
We call it theft but she says, it's for art's sake.

What sort of art is that??

Some one call the authorities. We are being taken advantage of.

Before Max could get harvested on, he had to have some major works done, apparently.
He got a full bath (eeeeek), had his nails clipped (horror), got molested between the toes for 2.5 hrs having yuckballs cut out (yes, his own pinkie has been neglecting him) and THEN he finally had his furs stolen.

She sold it to him as the Deluxe Spa Package and tried to sweeten him by saying that he's go the softest fuzz ever and he was looking the prettiest boy in town but even our gullible Maxie didn't buy that. He did fall asleep over all the fussing around on him so he didn't appear to be suffering too much.

We must tell you, the harvesting of fuzz has been happening on a regular basis here.
You all know by now that our pinkie is well crazy.
So she makes stuff out of our furs.

You all have seen this post before when this strange fellow came about...

Have we ever told you what happened to him?

Well he was always kind of flat but he ended up flat as a pancake "stapled" to a cushion.
What a way to go.
He was named 'Riley', and that's whom he went to live with, our friends across the bay.

Just as well, we wouldn't want that stinky bugger in our house! After all we thought he was real and thus a real threat in terms of competition for OUR treats.

So we have a feeling that this beautiful mess...

...will be turned into another beautiful mess, or lets call it ART, for pinkie's sake.

After an afternoon of raking fuzz, we FINALLY got a reward, some well deserved pigs ears!




and Molly
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