Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Molly's secret life and an Inky update

Hey all, it's Molly here.

That little Inkypup of ours, she hasn't been any good. Her leggie doesn't seem to be functioning like it used to. She just had another set of x-rays taken last Friday (yep, another general anaesthetic) and it appears the knee still hasn't healed yet (I could have told you that).

So most activities and the family's active lifestyle have been somewhat on hold since IT happened. BORING!! She just hangs around the place and has mainly turned into a couch potato.

Poor thing. Not much else she can do really. The pinkies have been taking her for drives instead of walks and the other day we went for "a carry". That's when you get your pinkie to carry you while the rest of the family is walking. Down by the river. Lovely.

Mind you, the whole thing has been a bit, shall we say, unfulfilling for me. I still NEED to go crazy. And I miss the beach.

I know, Inky misses it more. Her other name is Little Miss Beach and Lady-swims-a-lot.
However, just because one of us has drawn the bad luck card (big time), doesn't mean we all have to put our lives on hold.

So I have been recruiting my friend Winnie, aka the Wintah Dog, to fill in for the Inkypup.

I put on my party ears on...

and invited her to come down to the beach with me.

So here is one thing you have to promise me all:


I know she would be well upset if she found out that a) we've been going to the beach and b) we have been going without her and c) we have been going with another pup.

And I simply don't want to worsen her mental state any more than it already is.

Anyway, the Wintah Dog and I have been having some fun!!

We've been going for a swim together...

We've been running wild together..

Until all tongues were extended out to the max...

But because I love my little sissie so much, I've also invited Wintie and her mum to our house so she could at least join in the party there.

See Winnie sitting on the bench with her pinkie?

Anyway, we all had bones...

Until I decided I should have all three of them...

Hey, I deserve it. I have been going the craziest on the B and I need nourishment!

And it seems that my friend Winnie, after all our adventures together, has turned into a couch potato herself...

Can you please send me someone that has the same energy levels as me?!!!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Reunited and Multiplied

Hey all.

We're back. The pinkies are back. Inkypups have been returned and Mollies have been collected.
And... guess what! Pekoes, Maxes and Winnies have been added.

We are one happy family indeed. The more the merrier. Five times the fun.

You know it was Inkypup's Birthday and because the pinkies decided to leave their favourite baby behind on her special day and go off and engage in "their own fun things without us" (an oxymoron really) we took the next best opportunity to have a little party of our own.

We had a long weekend together with our posse of closest black and tan associates. And since we were in the party mood, we decided it was a good opportunity to christen mum and dad's new floor and welcome it to its new life, Airedale stylee (don't cry about the scratches, Pinkie, it was gonna happen sooner or later).

You may have heard of the Melbourne storms over the weekend. Well, we were not too far away from all that and it has been BUCKETING down. Thunder. Lightning. The works. Lots and lots and lots of rain. Who says, we're having a drought? Didn't look so droughty to us. Mongreling around. In and out. Wet paws. (Clean) gutters overflowing. Backyard turned to mud slide. In and out. 20 paws....that new floor (and the mop) have been getting a good work out (Pinkie, don't worry about it, these are material things. Main thing is, WE HAD FUN!).

Because of all the rain and crazy weather there has been some time spent indoors (biggify).

Here we all are in the (Airedale) lounge. Relaxing.

Until a familar sound and deliciously foul smell fills the room. Then we're off to go and check it out...

It's happening behind that door. It's the laundry. The pinkies are so uptight about their non-meaty habits that our stuff, especially the deliciously foul smelling stuff,  gets prepared in the laundry.
Pinkie would say, it has a door to protect the lackey from being attackey while prepackey the stinky treat.

Think again. As soon as she comes out....ATTACK!!!

Molly on the frontline. Good Monster!

So here come the goods.

From this....


To this...


To this...


And this...

Yep, furniture got wiped down and floor got mopped again after. Freaks!

Inky and Molly

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