Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthdays etc....

So this weekend is a national holiday. What? You haven't heard?

Well, February 20 is Inky's and Mama's birthday. And the whole nation, heck, the whole world needs to know (apparently) that we take the birthday bizzo very serious. Following a series of public announcements (giving everydoggie a fair chance to get presents, cards and best wishes organised), we commence celebrations usually a day in advance. After all, it is half the family celebrating their birthday on the same day...

We usually have a whole weekend planned and/or a trip away. Because the two lovelies had to spend their birthdays apart last year (and gosh, we never heard the end of that, did pinkie's friend have to get married that weekend, in another country?), we are making up for it this year (apparently).

So we are all off to the beautiful Queenscliff for a couple of nights. It's only about half an hour away from home and we go there quite often, but it really is a nice place, beautiful historic township, beaches and great accommodation. The pink people have scored themselves some hot tix for the Blues Train for Saturday night and will celebrate with their own race for a few hours.

The Blues Train is a no puppies event unfortunately but we will keep the cottage we rented nice and cozy for them that night. To be honest, we need a little bit of a break from celebrating with their friends. This is what happened last time (New Year's Eve)...

So we are looking forward to a quiet night that night and a big day on the beach  & birthday lunch with friends the day after.

Hey, I don't often admit it (I am simply not the complaining type, not like somedoggie else we know) but with all that fuss about THEIR birthday, I do feel left out a bit. Sure, my birthday is a special one too (September 11!), however, I don't share it with my favourite pink person... (insert big sad puppy face)...
However, my friends Hootie and Baby have just made up for that as they elected me as one of their winners and made me feel sooooooo special (thank you pals!). Read all about it here...

Got to dash, will try and get some snooze before the BIG weekend....

Lots of love,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lookie Lookie, like a SALUKI!!

Now, we've been wondering for years what breed our Mama could be...

And then, when the smart and beautiful Ruby messaged, it went BING!

We reckon Ruby is spot-on, our Mama lookie lookie like a SALUKI!

 She has a way of 'powdering her nose', so you may not necessarily get it when you first look at her...

But this morning we caught her without any makeup on...

See it now??

(Image sources: Saluki 1@!/pages/Saluki/54028426993
Saluki 2 @
Click on the links to find out more about Salukis)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family Resemblance

This is Father Tim with Inky's biological mum Lulu...

Everydoggie looks the same in this family...

'cept Mama, she's a different breed...

Do you know what breed she could be? Please help...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

forgot to tell ya...

... I like other real girlie things, too.

Like sharing clothes with my favourite pink person...

But we all know that the dress looks better on me...


Friday, February 4, 2011

Hootie's Dress Up Contest

Hi, it's Molly here. I hope I am not too late for Hootie's Dress Up Contest, but I do wish to share this.

Some of you may have already seen these images, however, perhaps I haven't explained things properly yet....

My "dress-up" is less of a costume but more of an expression of my true inner self.
I believe in traditional values. I'm a real woman, all about  the home and the family.

I like to look after my family. I spend hours running after them, cleaning up their spills, including those they leave on their faces, especially around the mouth area (you'd be surprised).
I like my family to present itself the best way it can and I detest unclean spaces and faces!

I take great pride in doing the dishes. While everypuppy else inhales their food and walks off onto the next best thing, I like to stay behind and ensure the dishes are cleaned, spotlessly!
I spend up to 20 Minutes cleaning one bowl - I do take this task seriously.

I like gardening. Nothing fills me more with joy than having a good dig around in the garden and then having a snooze in the sun on the deck, in the hammock bed.
For naps in the sun after gardening, a long sleeve dress and headscarf protect me from the harsh Australian sun.

I am happy at home. I do not like venturing out much. Although a trip to the beach with the family is much appreciated, I do not like exiting my physical and mental comfort zone.
Home is what I know best and home is where I am the happiest. At home I can be who I want to be and dedicate myself to my family.

That being said, I like to dress  in a way that is most appropriate to the home scenario. A dress gives me the freedom to move around my legs in a way that is best suited to any given duty I am about to fulfil within the confines of our dwelling.
For practical reasons (I have a lot of hair) I like to wear a headscarf, too. That way I can ensure that nothing gets in the way when I am in action around the home.

Furthermore, as a female, I like to dress gender-appropriately. I feel at home in dresses and skirts, thats' just the way it is.
I like strong colours that complement the neutral colour palette of my natural hair - I feel confident at home and like to celebrate my true personality with bright colours and bold patterns.

I am proud to be female. I don't mind showing a bit of leg (see last image). I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Thank you for letting me share this and explain why I dress the way I dress.

Yours sincerely

Lookie Lookie...

Click this link to follow up on Lilly, Pearl and Crocket's story.

If you scroll all the way down you can see us and all the other supporters.
Thank you for all your contributions - what a fantastic community we have!

Thanks again to the guys at the shelter. The world is a better place for the work you do!

INKY and MOLLY and family

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Help a Dale in Need - courtesy of Bogart's blog

We have donated money to the peeps in Oklahoma who are looking after these Dales. We ask that everydoggie and everyhuman reading this does the same. PLEEEEEZE!!!

Thank you!



copied from Bogart's blog


Help a Dale in Need

This is a heartbreaking story.

In Oklahoma, a man surrendered 3 Airedales to rescue (I'm going to give him a teensy tiny bit of credit for at least surrendering and not dumping them into a shelter).  The two lovely females are both heavily pregnant, and the male is the daddy.  It appears that these dogs have been used as puppy-making machines based on the history of the man.  The three dogs have lived their lives in a filthy outdoor kennel and have had litter after litter of puppies. They have no social skills and are petrified right now.

This lovely girl-Dale-mama is Pearl:

Pearl is 7, and she is also Lily's mama.  Isn't she gorgeous?  She's just about to have her fine Dale babies.  No puppies for Pearl yet, but she is heartworm negative (yes!), both ears are infected, she has whipworms, and is in need of a dental.

And this pretty girl-Dale-mama is Lily:

Lily is 5, and is one of Pearl's babies.  She is due to have her pups at the end of February.
This is Crockett, super-Dale-dad.

Poor guy, must be scared out of his mind.  And then a bath?  Geez...  Crockett is a beautiful boy, and the father of both girl-Dales litters.

Got some cash?  They sure could use it right now.  We could only spare a little, but every little bit adds up.

Here is a direct Paypal link to help out these sweet Dales:  For Pearl, Lily, Crockett and their Pups

Got no cash?  You can still help! We are leading an effort to win The Animal Rescue Site's Challenge (along with to get badly-needed funds to help out these sweet (and many other) Dales.

Each link will take you to The Animal Rescue Site.  Search for Oklahoma Airedale Terrier Rescue.  They are located in Oklahoma City, OK.

DO IT TODAY.  DO IT DAILY.  DO IT FROM EVERY COMPUTER YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. We have no connection with the OK Airedales rescue group (we live in Philadelphia, after all), but we have been really touched by this story, and we're always happy to help out some Dales in need.

Need more info?  Please click HERE

Much Dale lovin',
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