Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our peeps are getting maried!!

We know, we are not even half way through announcing all our winners from Molly's giveaway and we still have heaps of adventures that happened in the last few months to share but now the time has come to go offline again for a wee while....

After 10 years our peeps have finally decided to get married!

We will celebrate with family & friends on the 5th of November with a ceremony on the beach followed by a big bash at a nearby golf course. We are going too, of course, and right now we have our paws full with all the last minute preparations.

We already have some overseas visitors here and grandma and grandpa will arrive from Germany on Monday.

So you probably won't hear from us again for a little while again but we will be back with lots of stories and the photos of course.

See you all soon!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Doggie Bloggie Awardification

Thank you Maggie and Mitch for passing this award onto us!!

 Here are the rules: 

1. Thank the ones that gave it to you and link to them - Done!

2. Name 10 things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.

Molly first:

1. I am insatiable! Some people call me Monster. Not very nice, is it now?!

2. I am a mommy's girl! I go all funny when she's not around...

3. I need my own queen-sized bed! I stretch out big and I love my family, BUT...

4. I had a tough childhood but am now in the best family ever! Thank you!

5. One time, I ate a corn cob and I nearly died. My family was very sad and didn't understand where the friggin thing came from (they never gave it to me). No one even knew I had it in me because I never did say and the first vet was stupid. It was lucky, there was another vet, a smart one. He eventually pulled it out. But after 5 days of not eating and drinking, 3 days in the hospital and one major operation I think I will never do that again. Apparently it was a very expensive corn cob.

6. I am absolutely gorgeous, stunning...apparently. Well, it must be true, they keep telling me every day!

7. I get tired from being silly. Sometimes it happens from one second to the next. First, really silly. Then, two seconds later, really tired. Boom!

8. I get annoyed with  my little sister but apparently that's "normal".

9. I can climb trees. But often I make do with climbing on a bench or a table. I enjoy the view.

10. My famolly call me a zillion names, but not Molly.

The Inky Pups:

1. I might be a cripple but I do have a good go at life!

2. I am the smallest Airedale in town. They say I was the runt but the truth is, when I was about 8 months old my dad called me Thumbelina and I thought, well, sod it, I am going to stop growing now.
That'll learn him...

3. I like fish, a lot!

4. My favouristest thing in the world is going for a SWIM. I like it even better if the pinkie goes with me. But I go by myself a lot too. See body of water - must go in!

5. I sleep with mum. I wait until she's fast asleep. Then, around 2am, I hop on her bed, sneak in UNDER the duvets (I like it real hot and don't need much oxygen, I am only small after all) and sort of find the spot where I mould into best. Then she wakes up a little later, too tired to do anything about it, and, desperate for sleep, she lets me get away with it. I win!

6. I am obedient but often pretend not to be. Just for fun.

7. I LOVE going to the beach!

8. I love clobbering Molly and biting her in the leg or bum. So much fun!

9. I am spoilt rotten because I deserve it.

10. I love giving it to people with my little tongue. They get so excited!

3. Then award this to 15 other doggie bloggers. It doesn't matter if they are old or new, all furfriends deserve this award.

The Bookerman, H Ski, Bocci, Asta, Hollie & Janie, The Scampering Scotties, Mr Pip, The Thuglets, Teddy Bear, The Two Special Wires, Maggie Mae, Madi & mom, Karen & Bentley, the wonderful peeps at Scotsmad & Khyra!

4. Comment on the receivers blog to let them now about the Love.

That will take us some time...

5. And the most important~~~Have Fun!!
oh, we did!


 Inky and Molly

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Molly's birthday and winner #2

Ok, so we're still catching up.

It was my birthday September 11 and I went bonkers as I do every year, or every day for that matter.

It was my friend Winnie's birthday on the 9th of September so she came to stay for sleepovers.

The day started with big cuddles from everybody.

Then came the cake, mum's special Toast Birthday Cake - my favourite. I could barely contain myself when it was served up so the photos are a tad shaky...

The cake was justly divided into three parts. I got half and the Inky and Winnie shared the other half. Only fair, I reckon.

We had a good mongrel-around to work off some of those calories...

Then it was time to have a wee nap (I did just get a whole year older after all)...

After a short break we sat together and decided what to do next...

I said, it's a no-brainer...

we're going to the beach!

So I got my party hat and off we went...

I don't know what got over me (it must have been the hat) but I went beyond gaga and nearly had to be carried back to the car, so puffed out I was.

Boy, did i have a good time (you can biggify this one)!

Anyway, that's a wee while ago now.

So back to the present...and the presents!

We have another winner.

You all know Hootie and Baby, right?

Well, they, together with their mum, have been followers pretty much from day dot.

Because their mum Cassie is so special (she even has her own blog) we have awarded her our (nearly) 100 followers prize!

Stay tuned, there are still three more prizes to give away!!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

We're back! and the winner of Molly's Special Giveaway is...

Ok, so what are the odds? Having one broken Pink Person is fair enough. Things happen. But two???

Sheesh, over the past couple of weeks we've run our socks off trying to nurse everypinkie back to "normal", whatever that is. We can tell you, it sure is a tough job. We're a bit spent now...

And we have lectured and warned them not to get themselves into that scenario EVER AGAIN.
If they wouldn't break themselves in the first place we wouldn't have to spend all our energy trying to unbreak them, and in the process breaking ourselves...ahhhh, it's a vicious circle....
There is a lesson in there for all of us!

We quite like when THEY look after US, which is what we consider normal, and we don't fancy the idea of two dogs running the household (and the business) much at all.

Enough said.

So here we are, with all men, women and dogs back on deck.

Lots of catching up to do....

But first, what you have all been waiting for: The winners of our contest.

As you may recall, we indeed had five (5) prizes to give away.

So we will give you 5 posts with a winner each.

First up: Molly's Special Giveaway

We must say, it has been really hard establishing a winner for this one. You are ALL so special!!

But here is one little puppy that we couldn't resist....

"i thinks i should wins cos my name is the same as yours and i love your bloggy and you are just over the water from me and i signed your guestybook and its my birthday next week and today's the first day of spring and im the same colours as you and ive put up a posty here MOLLIE"

Please be sure to head over to Mollie's blog to congratulate her.

 We are sure she will be boasting about the prize real soon.

If your name is not Mollie,  please don't start crying yet. There are four more prizes that we have allocated to four more lucky winners.

Stay tuned!

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