Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We are signing off for the year!

It's been an absolutely terrific year and we are glad to have met so many of you during its course and are proud to call you all friends now!

We've had plenty of adventures in 2009 and look forward to many more in 2010 and to share our stories with you.

As we are still busy being little Santas and preparing big sacks for our friends, we probably won't have enough time left to go around to you all individually but we wish you a terrific time over the next few days and hope that you will spend it with all that a dear to you in peace and harmony. We know, families can be a bit crazy, especially around this time of the year, but if you keep a cool schnoz and a long tongue (Pinkie says, it reliefs stress) it'll all be dandy.

To all of you who have snow at the moment, enjoy it! We are very jealous as we've never even seen the snow before. All your blog entries and pictures look amazing, like a true Winter Wonderland.

Instead, we have a gazillion degrees over here and we can't wait to get out of our Santa cozzies and jump back into the cooling ocean.

We'll touch base again in early Jan and will fill you in on our Dale xmas adventures.

Sending lots of Airelove around the world,

INKY (half asleep) and MOLLY (in charge)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre-xmas jingle

Hi again!

Check out what we've got in the mail...

A very special package from Alabama, USA.

We were soooo excited, we nearly peed our fuzzpants.

We opened it up and there was an envelope with pretty writing...

It's from our fuzzpants comrade Janie!!

The back says, "sealed with actual Aire-slobber". Now how very special is that?!!

Out came a beautiful card...

Janie's mama drew the picture for this card. She is so talented!!

Janie had lots of nice things to say on the card...

Then we opened the pressie that came along with the card. And look...

It's the stocking from Janie's give-away, also made by Janie's mum.
Because it's such a special piece of art, we gave it a special place in OUR house...

It now hangs on The Middle Door, also known as, The Halfway Door, and we hope it will be stuffed to the max by xmas Day (hint, hint, Pinkie).

Just a note on The Middle Door. It forms a seal between the front door/ reception area and the main living area. It basically divides the hallway in half.
Now, rumour has it that this door has been put their especially for us (how nice?!) as to protect us from anything or anyone coming through the front door (although pinkie would like to tell you that it might be the other way around). Since this door is "our" door now (with authentic, long and deep scratches that reinforce our ownership), we felt it was right to decorate it (more) with our things.

Thank you so very much Janie and Hollie. We love you long time!!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We're back!

Hi all!

We sure needed one hell of a nap.

The last few weeks have been action packed to say the least. Lets see, we had Winnie aka the Wintah Dog stay with us for a week,

then Max and Pekoe stayed over for a weekend (apparently it's hard to get all for of us into the one picture)

then we had our annual xmas picnic with the club

and last weekend we had Oscar, a new recruit, stay with us (photos of that adventure later).

Needless to say that we had numerous trips to the beach to entertain our guests and spent hours "mongreling-around" so to say we were exhausted would be a sheer understatement.

But boy, did we have some fun!

So back to our xmas party. We tried to head count, but gee it was hard, with so much black & tan flitzing around, it was just a blur most of the time.

There was 8 of us who traveled up from Geelong (about 2 hrs away from where the event was held in the beautiful Yarra Valley, at Dixon's Creek). When we got there, there was already a good presence of Aireheads in place, not to forget our hosts' own crew of 5, but by lunch time there was well over 30 Dales, we reckon they may have even been over 40! Pinkie was in heaven!

We love Bill & Sue's place, it's just perfect. There is heaps of room to roam around, they are near a national park so there is lots of wildlife to chase (yes!), and, get this, they have their own lake for us to swim in, get muddy feet and chase ducks! It truly is paradise over there!

First on the agenda was a treasure hunt around the lake. Santa had been busy hanging treats and biscuits off the trees and, you've guessed, we had to find them and gorge ourselves. No hard task for us!

Then we had a good romp around before it was time for the dress up parade.
The hosts' crew of original 4 (although there is now 5 with Chili, another Rescue Dale), made an appearance as the Wombat Bend (name of the property) Pack and dressed as a pack of cards. How clever! They of course, well-deservingly, came first with that idea (biggify).

Our pinkie and Max also participated...

And Max aka Santa Bear came 2nd (biggify)!

He even won an Airedale hand towel and a fridge magnet. Gosh, our pinkie was proud and couldn't stop saying, "I wish you two would cooperate more", indicating that we should have entered into the competition too. No way!

There was also a calendar fundraiser for Airedale Rescue that our Pinkie had organised...

And yes, if you'd like to purchase a copy, please be in touch.

Another gang of pinkies had made some terrific xmas stockings...

with heaps of treats, toys and bits and pieces in there

and all of the proceeds going to Airedale Rescue, too.

All up we raised a considerable amount of money so, well done Pinkies & supervising Dales!

We had noshed up all the edible contents of our xmas stockings by the next morning, desperately needing energy! We were simply comatose for a couple of days after, that's how much fun we had!

Gosh, it's an Airedale's life over here so if you ever feel like joining us, come on over! And we promise we'll have all the fun that muppets like us can have together!

Lots of love,
Inky & Molly

Monday, December 7, 2009

We are tired...

Oh Dog, we are knackered!

We had our annual xmas get-together of ATCV Dales yesterday at Dixons Creek in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

There was loads of us and we had soooo much fun mongreling around with fellow black-and-tanians...

We'll rest for now, and will fill you in when we've regained energy...


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something that Inky is not telling you... that when we went and visited Riley and his new little sister Bonnie, there was a little bit of an incident...

Our first night at the house was deprived of sleep for everyone involved.

First of all, us Airedales sleep inside. We're not dogs, we like it warm and comfy and like to rest in close proximity to our pinkies (if not on the big bed right next to them).

While the pinkies settled in for the night down the corridor with all the bedrooms, we (Riley, Bonnie, Inky and myself) set up Camp Dale for the night in the main living area.

So here are the events of that night as follows:

It was Bonnie's first night ever with her new family, so the poor little lass had some crying to do. And if you ever heard a puppy cry at night, you know what I am talking about.

Our hosts have a beautiful house, with lots of glass surrounding it. So, on the inside you can watch all sorts of great wildlife zooming past during the wee hours (of course we all had our night goggles on). Terrific! We barked at EVERYTHING!
No hang on, I did more howling than barking while Riley definitely had some barking to do.

I should mention here that our hosts also have two delicious, ahem, beautiful cats.
Although they had to camp part of the night outside, towards sunrise, they were ready to come back in again. And boy, were we (Inky and myself) ready for them!!

By this stage, the pinkies issued many "shooshes" and "in your beds" and complained about a lack of sleep (I did say to them, that they should have stayed and bed and that I, the mighty Moll, would take care of it all). The cats were brought to safety in our hosts bedroom...

Inky didn't not want to give up carrying on about the cats and Mother Dearest truly had enough by then. She was highly embarrassed by our performance (why??) so she thought to separate us was wise and Inky was hurled into our pinkies' bedroom to be "muted". I was left with Riley to guard over little Bon Bon in her crate. The door to the corridor with all the bedrooms was locked firmly.

A short while after, Inky felt the urge to scratch at Pinkies' bedroom door (now on the inside). Poor pinkie thought that Inky needed to urinate and was going to escort her out.

The next few seconds are just a blur but what happened went a little bit like this:

Inky and Pinkie try to get past the firmly locked corridor door (not possible), the scuffle attracts my and Riley's attention (on the other side of that door), which then in turn attracts the attention of our host, who helps open the corridor door but leaves their bedroom door open only to see Riley zoom down the corridor to say hi to his Pinkie, Inky and myself decide to follow suit and HOORAY find the cats in our hosts' bedroom...

One of the cats decides to flee, Inky decides to chase, I follow Inky because it seemed like so much fun..

Cat heads down the corridor toward the main living area, we follow. About half way, our pinkie tries to stop us both but only manages to grab hold of me....

Two seconds later, the biggest smash bang you could ever imagine!! Our pinkie thought the worst (the glass display cupboard with all family heirlooms had come down to kill both, cat and Inky, and all heirlooms, but no...

As the clock strikes 5.50am the pinkies (all six of them) gather to find a puzzled looking Inky, a broken window, but no cat!

Inspector Molly was called upon but even I couldn't work out if Inky went through the window first and then the cat escaped, or if the cat jumped through the window and broke the window in doing so. And Inky simply wouldn't tell (she can be sooo difficult).

There was no blood at the scene which seemed like some relieve but the cat did not return for several hours which had our pinkie crying and feeling embarrassed, scared, guilty, anxious, helpless...

Let's just say, we feel very lucky that Riley's family still speaks to us, had us stay another night (for which we were all locked up, away from any big glass panes) and even agreed to have me stay for an extended holiday in a couple of months' time for while the pinkies will be overseas (little Inks will be housed elsewhere and I promised to be on my best behaviour in regard to the Kitty Kat)...


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our beloved Snickers

You were a true fighter and we will never forget you...

Until we meet again,


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yummy Puppy

Hi all, it's Inky here.

Remember our friend Riley?

He came to stay for a holiday with us a while ago and lives with his folks across the bay (we caught our first ferry ever there, you can check a few blogs back).

Well, the pinkies get on well with the Rilemeister's pinkies so when the word was out that Riles would get a new sister we headed to check the puppy out, around the bay this time which is a few hours in the car. And here she is...

Bonnie!! How CUUUUUUTE, we hear you say?? She is ridiculously gorgeous!!!

When we arrived there, it was Bonnie's very first night with her new family. We felt so special to be allowed to stay.

Here she is getting to know her big brother...

And here am I, getting to know her...

MUM, why can't I have puppies???


Friday, November 13, 2009

Snickers in our hearts

Hi guys, this is a serious one...

(the section below is copied from Jake and Fergi's blog)

Before you read
We ask you
to please help spread this message
as quickly and as far as you can
So as many dogs and cats and families
as possible
Can read it prior to 5:00 PM, Saturday, 14 Nov 09, Iowa Time
(11:00 PM, 14 Nov 09 GMT)
Copy it.
Paste it.
Link to it.
Just please help us get the message out.

As you may know
Miss Snickers is struggling
Along with her family.

(The best place to keep up with updates
is her Gussie’s blog.)

Last night looked as if it might have been her last.
This morning she rebounded with improved symptoms.

She is far from out of the woods
But she and her family
Including her gentle and loving brother Butchy
Have been granted another day.

We can’t help but believe
that part of the improvement is because of
The support and love that have surrounded her
From all around the world
Thanks to the linked paws
Of her blogging friends.
The Power of the Paw

We are asking everyone to set your alarms
And at exactly 11:00 PM GMT on Saturday 14 Nov 09
(Go to this link to find what time that is for you)
5:00 PM Saturday evening in Iowa
as Snickers' family sits down to eat
Turn toward them (in the central USA)
And join together in a silent minute
Of prayer, meditation, contemplation, reflection
Whatever feels right to you.

Followed by whatever means of communication
You choose.


To wish and send Miss Snickers and her family
whatever is in your hearts
That will help them feel the Love and Support
They need right now.

Personally, we’ll be praying for a Miracle.


Blow a Kiss
and send your Love and Prayers and Best Wishes
to Miss Snickers and her Family
and they will feel their arrival
in the breeze.

We believe it will help.
And we'll do anything in our power right now
To help.

Jake, Fergi, MomaSally and NinaGirl


For all us Victorian pupsters, that's 10AM tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

Let's do this!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

A trip to the beach always guarantees new adventures.

Sunday we went with Max and Pekoe down to Barwon Head's 13th Beach, our preferred gathering place for public mongreling-around sessions.

So we came across this tree, kinda like One Tree Hill but without the Hill. Kinda like One Tree Beach.

Of course, since it was a recent addition to the otherwise familiar landscape, we felt it was our duty to baptise the thing...

So everyone had a lift of the ole leg (not too many photos here as it was a rather private moment) and we think we even spotted Isabelle wanting in on the action...


Hey, Tim!

Yes, Molly?

Molly: What are you carrying in your right hand there? I think you have something in that bag that once belonged to me...I've told you many times, you've gotta kick that habit of yours, it's not right...Strange behaviour, Pinkie!

Tim: You wait, I'll chase you, cheeky Mongrel...

Molly: Too bad we're running the other way, Pinkie. Watch the contents of that bag, wouldn't want anything to spill on yourself...hehe...

Do your Pinkies have strange customs, too?? Sometimes I wonder if this is the only reason they keep us (other than to collect our fuzz).

We certainly have better things to do...

Love yas & leave yas...

INKY and MOLLY together with Max and Pekoe
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