Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre-xmas jingle

Hi again!

Check out what we've got in the mail...

A very special package from Alabama, USA.

We were soooo excited, we nearly peed our fuzzpants.

We opened it up and there was an envelope with pretty writing...

It's from our fuzzpants comrade Janie!!

The back says, "sealed with actual Aire-slobber". Now how very special is that?!!

Out came a beautiful card...

Janie's mama drew the picture for this card. She is so talented!!

Janie had lots of nice things to say on the card...

Then we opened the pressie that came along with the card. And look...

It's the stocking from Janie's give-away, also made by Janie's mum.
Because it's such a special piece of art, we gave it a special place in OUR house...

It now hangs on The Middle Door, also known as, The Halfway Door, and we hope it will be stuffed to the max by xmas Day (hint, hint, Pinkie).

Just a note on The Middle Door. It forms a seal between the front door/ reception area and the main living area. It basically divides the hallway in half.
Now, rumour has it that this door has been put their especially for us (how nice?!) as to protect us from anything or anyone coming through the front door (although pinkie would like to tell you that it might be the other way around). Since this door is "our" door now (with authentic, long and deep scratches that reinforce our ownership), we felt it was right to decorate it (more) with our things.

Thank you so very much Janie and Hollie. We love you long time!!



  1. What a pawesome pakhkage woo got!

    I get so furry jealous when I see how many pups have hoomans with talented paws...

    I'm still trying to figure out my mom's talents...


  2. inky and Molly
    What a vewy special pwezzie..I love youw placement on that special doow that seems to belong just to you!
    And to have the envelope sealed wif janie's kiss..well what could be bettew
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  3. That is a great present Inky and Molly - I think every dog should have their own door - and I feel it is appropriate that you have yours. D would like to give me my own door - I have a tendency not to let other pinkies in the house without a lot of noise and jumping - the only one I sit and wait for is the Pizza Delivery man -

    Lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  4. What a super special pressie! The stocking looks beautiful hung on your middle door and Janie's card is pretty enough to be framed and hung on your wall!
    What a nice gift from a wonderfully talented pup and her mom!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Inky and Molly!
    I am so happy the package made it to you and that you love it so much! Mama has just been tickled by all of your sweet comments about the stocking! Mama did design the card, but she is not quite that talented... (shhh!)A very sweet company in Mississippi made them for her. She is honored that your pinkies thought she was that talented! I wish I had my own special door! You two are such sweet and awesome 'dales!!

  6. HI I and M
    You have your OWN DOOR? Oh course it's only right you decorate it. I love your gift. That's really neat.

    FYI- mom's taken off a bunch of stuff from the blog and still slow.. we'll keep working on it. Thanks for baring with me.

  7. Hi I and M
    Mom thinks she solved the blog load problem. Thanks for your patience. Let me know if it works better for you.

  8. Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday!

    -Euri, the Dog-

  9. Peed our fuzzpants....woohooo wootwoot hehe ha haa Oh sorry ...that really was a good one!! That was a lovely gift and looks fabulous on your door!!! Love heeheehee(just thinking about fuzzpants again) A+A

  10. Hey Inky and Molly! FAB pressies you lucky dogs. Buet even better is your own DOOR.Really? Just for you? You have a key and everything? (ever thought of putting in a spyhole?)You never know who's a creeping up. Wish I had one.A door. I used to have my very own BABYGATE but somehow. Not the same...

    Wiry love Eric xx


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