Monday, April 27, 2009

The Easter Bunny and good times at the ranch

My, my...time just flies when you are having fun!

Since we last left off, lots has been happening of course. So here is just a wee up date to get us up to date...

Mad (or Maddie), the Labrador, came to stay with us over Easter as more is always merrier. The Easter Bunny decided to come early (Saturday night) and gave us a tonne of pressies. In true Airedale fashion, it took us less than a minute to kill them all, while boring old Mad just run off with hers and sat quietly in the corner. Riles, Molly and myself particularly liked the squeeky Schwein and decided not to give up until the death of the pig was proclaimed dead by the pinkies - no more cheeky squeekies. Good effort, team!

Sunday morning, the pinkies' Easter bunny arrived. It was their turn to find what the bunny supposedly left behind and of course we all offered our help.

Then we played "Find It!" (my fave) with some of the treats that the Easter Bunny got us the night before...

followed by the traditional Easter breakfast...

NOTE: Monga (aka Molly or Mountain-Molly) displaying her special talent!

After that eating frenzy, we had to run off the calories on the beach of course...

before heading back in the AIREbus...

and conking out on mum and dad's bed.

High Five for the good times!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

The day we were extremely naughty (or: just an ordinary day out of our lives)

It starts like every other day...the dales get loaded into the Airebus
and we are off to the beach...

As we cruise along, we watch the world go by.
Inky always gets particularly excited about the cows and sheep on the paddocks along the way while Molly takes the time to reflect on more philosophical subjects..

We arrive at destination and the dales disemBARK.

We all run (and nearly tumble head over paws) down the steps to the beach,
then straight into the water. C'mon pinkies, throw the ball!!

We have a good sniff around and check if there is anything rotten and rancid we can throw ourselves into and coat ourselves in a mad stink (mmmhh, maybe a bit of horse poo today...)

Then we have a good scoot around with Tim and go absolutely stir-crazy...

But hang on, there was that smell of horse poo...that's got to be more interesting than exercising the pinkies.

And BINGO!!! Some dude riding his horse, past the "No Horses Past This Sign"-sign, past the steps and straight into us.

[there is an interruption of photo documentation from this point until we get back to the car park as the pinkies deemed he situation too dangerous to be taking happy snaps]

Oh boy, are we going to have some fun with that horse!

We definitely ignore all the pinkies' calling and screaming and throwing of extremities in the air. Instead we encircle the horse (thank God, there is three of us) and Molly, always a good sport, starts nipping the horse in the ankles straight away.

Riley is the first one to be reeled back in by the pinkies (typical, male with no balls).
He gets tied to the steps but continues to give us barking support.

While Molly is attacking the horse from below, Inky tries to jump up to it's head - we always wanted a horse, this is a dream come true.

We both bark from the top of our lungs - we are having the time of our lives!!

While the dude is trying to keep the horse calm, Tim gives the guy a talking to, about going past the "No Horses Past This Sign" sign etc.
Tim, the guy was doing us a favour!!

Then the guy thinks that if he just walks the horse into the water, he would sure get rid of us.
Think again!

We follow him right in, we're not scared of nothing, especially not the water - this is our home turf!

Then Elfi stomps up the hill a bit, takes her pants off and comes running towards us.
Great, she's gonna have a swim with us and share in the joy of playing with the horse.
But what is she wearing??! She should have thought about going for a dip before she left the house...

The next thing we know is we get both grabbed by the collar and dragged out of the water...But mum, the horsie!!!

Elfi doesn't care. All dales get escorted off the beach and back to the car park.
It's walking 'heel' on lead all the way and not much talking. Oh boy...

Tim (not happy) loads the Airebus and it's off back into town.
What a shame.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi, it's Riley here

I thought I'd better get on this blog thing , too, since it seems to be what dogs do these days...

I've been with my holiday family for just over two weeks now and I've been having a dale-icious time. It seems that all you have to do is be an Airedale (tough, ha!) and you'll get the best of the best, the top of the crop, the beez kneez of treatment around here. Suits me!

One of my favourites is "Schweineöhrchen"-time. Some crunchy, bacon flavoured slices of heaven (the pinkies call them pig's ears) get handed out to the Dales and, of course, get demolished within no time.

Hang on, as I am writing this I can hear the familiar rustling of a certain plastic bag... I'd better dash...

Hasta la Vista!


PS: someone has a tongue and they're not afraid to use it- ME???

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hello, it's Molly here.

Just wanted to show off my new friend, Angus (thanks, Ange).

T & E think it's weird (that's what they keep saying) and I don't understand it myself. I just seem to go stir-crazy when he is around. Oh I'm so confused, I don't know whether it is my motherly instinct or just the old (though truncated) hormones... Anyway, the important thing is, I LUUUUUVE Angus, and so I just want to tell the whole world. And just quietly, I think the feeling is mutual, because he doesn't seem to mind my nips and chews on the ear and his other scrumptious body parts at all. He shows no resistance and if you have a look at his facial expression, I think he likes it...

Ciao now!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boy, we had some fun on the weekend!! Elfi our P.A. had organised another mini Dale-together for us down at 13th Beach, Barwon Heads. We had the beautiful Pekoe, gorgeous Max, super Mandrake and our border Riley to accompany us for some qualitiy Dale time in the sand (and water). The fantastic Maree and lovely Mari were there, of course.

The beach down there is our favourite spot in the world and we just let loose as soon as we are released at the top of the steps leading down to the beach.

I myself, Inky, always like to rub and roll myself in any cull or rotten debris that I can find so I was ever so pleased when I came accross a dead sea gull - fantastic. This always seems to upset Elfi, so I really have to get on with it before she stomps towards me through the sand like a fool and starts yelling at me... come on, don't yell... It's fun, why don't you try??!!

Riley thought he'd help me out when he came and snappeled the carcass up as soon as I hopped off, and sure enough, he got told off too...hehehe...

Anyway, we both had a bit of a bath after, in the giant whirl pool with the salty water, to make peace with Elfi again.

Then we continued mongreling around with the other boys and girls chasing the frisbee and the balls that Maree tirelessly threw for us. We like her!!!

After a while the clouds started to close in on us and the ladies preferred to relocate to a nearby café. Boy I wish I hadn't been so cheeky in nipping Mandrake in the back of the neck (which freaked him out a bit, he must be old or something...) as I got tied up and left out in the rain following my foolishness. Sorry Mandrake I like you, really...

After all the excitement I didn't have any strength left in me to carry on with my usual naughty behaviour in the car, so I decided to give in and snooze, along with the others, all the way home, saving up energy for my next chance to go mental again (love it!)

After a day of such strenuous activities it is always nice to get tucked in at night with a special cuddle from Elfi and Tim (they say they love us). Their place is a bit of a mess at the moment as they are renovating our home, but we don't care as we get wrapped up in the proverbial cotton wool anyway.

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