Sunday, October 25, 2009

A trip to the beach always guarantees new adventures.

Sunday we went with Max and Pekoe down to Barwon Head's 13th Beach, our preferred gathering place for public mongreling-around sessions.

So we came across this tree, kinda like One Tree Hill but without the Hill. Kinda like One Tree Beach.

Of course, since it was a recent addition to the otherwise familiar landscape, we felt it was our duty to baptise the thing...

So everyone had a lift of the ole leg (not too many photos here as it was a rather private moment) and we think we even spotted Isabelle wanting in on the action...


Hey, Tim!

Yes, Molly?

Molly: What are you carrying in your right hand there? I think you have something in that bag that once belonged to me...I've told you many times, you've gotta kick that habit of yours, it's not right...Strange behaviour, Pinkie!

Tim: You wait, I'll chase you, cheeky Mongrel...

Molly: Too bad we're running the other way, Pinkie. Watch the contents of that bag, wouldn't want anything to spill on yourself...hehe...

Do your Pinkies have strange customs, too?? Sometimes I wonder if this is the only reason they keep us (other than to collect our fuzz).

We certainly have better things to do...

Love yas & leave yas...

INKY and MOLLY together with Max and Pekoe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun

Hi all

It's been crazy here at the ranch. We've been having so much fun, we forgot all about posting about it! Can you believe it??

Well, let's go back a couple of weekends...

Max and Pekoe came to our house for a Dale swap. One of those crazy ideas the pinkies had. We went and stayed with Maree and her family at Max and Pekoe's house and M&P stayed with our pinkies for the night.

The following day we returned home and spent the rest of the weekend with our guests at our place, the beach, walkies around town...

Then Sunday, #5 arrived: Winnie came back once more! So the house was well and truly full of Dales which we hear is a (quote) bliss and seems to lead certain pinkies to believe that they're in heaven. Mind you, it was all fun for us, too. The more, the merrier.

Everydoggie got an Airecut, too so we're all a bunch of trimmed fuzz butts again.

There's been one problem though. Pinkie "lost" the charger for her camera battery so there are no photos at all. None. Zilch....

The following weekend 9last weekend) we spent time with our dale pal Lili Lambert. Guess what, she has a baby brother now!! Oscar is soooo much fun!! He's six months old an very handsome. Of course we showed him who's boss but not without much resistance from his side.

So we've been rather pooped for the last couple of days, with all that Dales activity.

However, we've had since time to put our noses to work and found the battery charger for the camera so the next post will be full of black and tan imagery again.

Hasta la vista!

Inky and Molly

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're back!

Hey all.

We are pleased to report that The Sickness has left town!
We finally have our computer back as well and the world is how it should be.

AGES ago, our friend Africa tagged us to post about the things we LURVE.

It's Molly first...

Well, I (Molly) LURVE going crazy like a banana, especially on the beach.
When my family got me 2 years ago, I was less than an unhappy pile of fuzz.

These days...well, let me give you a hint: I have I changed! These days I am a loon on the loose but I will let the pictures do the talking...

And if you haven't gotten the picture yet, you can biggify this one...

Now it's over to Inky.

Well, I (Inky) LURVE the after-bath and occasional in-between treat, SCHWEINEÖHRCHEN aka the golden pig's ear...

Happy times!!

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