Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're back!

Hey all.

We are pleased to report that The Sickness has left town!
We finally have our computer back as well and the world is how it should be.

AGES ago, our friend Africa tagged us to post about the things we LURVE.

It's Molly first...

Well, I (Molly) LURVE going crazy like a banana, especially on the beach.
When my family got me 2 years ago, I was less than an unhappy pile of fuzz.

These days...well, let me give you a hint: I have I changed! These days I am a loon on the loose but I will let the pictures do the talking...

And if you haven't gotten the picture yet, you can biggify this one...

Now it's over to Inky.

Well, I (Inky) LURVE the after-bath and occasional in-between treat, SCHWEINEÖHRCHEN aka the golden pig's ear...

Happy times!!



  1. I think THAT is the largest khollekhtion of happy pup pikhs I've seen!

    Welkhome Bakhk!

    PeeEssWoo: That is how my khoat is - I think if we got me professionally groomed, my stripes would go away but we love 'em!

  2. We think Molly looks like Tess & Inky looks like Willow. We love those photos gals. You look pretty happy.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  3. Those expressions are PRICELESS in every single one of those photos! What pictures of joy pure abandon! We are sooo glad you're back! This post made our tails wag and our Moma's face SMILE!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  4. Hallo Ihr Hübschen. Man sieht, wie gut es Euch geht :-)

    Liebe Grüße Betty

  5. Oh, was bin ich froh, dass alles wieder gesund ist. Und auf den herrlichen Bildern sieht man Freude pur! Inky, Du bist ein richtiger Airedale Kasperkopf.
    Den Link über Euern Shop habe ich in das deutsche Airedale-Forum gesetzt!
    Wenn ich von meinem USA Urlaub zurückkomme, werde ich auch mal stöbern gehen.
    Liebe Grüße
    violett mit Mischka

  6. What awesome photos! We can tell that you pups sure love life!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. What great pics!! We love happy pups.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  8. Hee hee you both are the definition of happiness. And.. you know how to show it. I'm gonna go bananas today and eat a pigs ear in your honor! :P

  9. I am so glad everyone is feeling better. I don't blame your mom for letting you hop into bed and snuggling with her. You guys are too cute. I love the facial expressions.
    Kasha and Africa

  10. Woooos! I was so impressed with those happy smiles, I will smile for the beach and for the pigs ears too! What lucky doggies you both are. Have a Happy Day!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  11. Molly,
    Your smile is infectious! I can't imagine you ever being anything but a happy-go lucky-'dale! Inky, I'm with you. I LOVE pig ears! I devour them in about 68 seconds flat!
    PS.Glad everyone/everything in your house is better! au revoir, sickness!!

  12. Good to hear life is good with you all. We lurve the photos of you both being happy.

    Molly, Taffy and MOnty

  13. I'm so glad you got to visit my blog so I could find out about yours! Man it looks like you guys would really be fun to go to the beach with, but I thing we are at different Oceans.

  14. What great photos - that is definitely one happy smiley dog! We are jealous of your beach - wish we had one nearby!

    Lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

    PS Glad you are feeling better too!

  15. Smile, dogs and beaches are made for each other.. and the look on Inkys face as she chews the pigs ear is pure bliss...

  16. Awesome action shots!!!!

    Hope you're well!


  17. Hi I and M
    It's been awhile.. missed your banana and pigs ear lurvin smile. Makes me wanna do the i and m dance.

  18. HI I and M
    Your mom made me blush.. .. Norwood


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