Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Sale

Hey all.

We have uploaded more stuffs onto our Cafepress store site

Cafepress offer 20%off if your order exceeds $50. Offer ends today so get in there!!

You will need to enter the discount code "MEMORIAL" when you check out.

Love, Inky and Molly
Airedales Galore

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Million Paws and more...

Hey all

It's the Mongel Bear here.

This is me on the ferry on my way back from my holiday adventure with the cats on Riley and Bonnie's ranch at Merricks.

Here I am reflecting on the good times I had with my 2 human, 2 feline and 2 canine friends on the other side of the bay.

I was so glad to be reunited with my favourite pinkie though, I could have eaten him when I first saw him again (I get a bit that way sometimes)...

I love MY pinkie!

People say, we look alike, too...

What do you think?

I am happy when I am with him, he brings out the crazy side in me...

We make each other happy...

I feel how heart-breaking it is every time a pinkie-doggie relationship is ended because either one has had to pass on.

There has been a lot of that happening in our little community lately.

So here, for all of you out there who have lost a dear one this week, the week before or in the recent months, here is one of my special Mongel Bear Kisses, nice and juicy - MWAH!!

Did you feel that?

Well here are some happier news.

We've nearly raised $500 again for doggies in need.
Click here to go to our sponsor page and you can still donate if you are feeling generous.
We have had some very generous donations so far and are thankful for each one of them.
We are pleased to say that we have some very generous friends, all good-looking too!

This year's Million Paws Walk in Geelong was a great success.
Team Airedale was represented strongly with 15 Airedheads plus their pinkies.

Here we are, kerfuffling, about to get ready (more photos with the shitty shitty bang bang camera, sorry)...

There were soooooo many different smells...

It was great to see (and smell) everybody out and about.

Here we are posing at the front with our bestest friends, Max and Pekoe...

Once we left the start line, it was pretty hard to stick together as a team as paws and feet were rolling like an avalanche and some of us (we won't mention any names here) felt the urge to go potty there and then in midst of the stampede.

Anyway, here is Little Limpy hobbling along, all in the name of Dog...

Once we were through the finishing line we gathered to celebrate our proud achievement with drinks and nibbles for all.

There were lots of games and competitions and we even entered some.
Our pinkie went in for the "look like your pet" Lookalike competition. He actually went in with Inky while I was stretching my legs and they got called The Twins, ha! However, they didn't win anything of course because, quite frankly, I should have gone in with him.

Then there was the tricks competition. Inky went in with her "BANG (point your finger like a pistol at her) and play dead" but suffered from stage fright and stalled on Pinkie big time.
I did my trusted Roll Over and then the Kiss for mum.
But it was our Lili Lambert that stole the show with her Flop Drop, kazooming down with both paws on command. She got herself a harness, collar and some other cool things to show off with. Well done, Lila, we're proud of you!

Backstage we had little Bon Bon aka Bonnie...

She sure is one cute pupster and I had A LOT of fun with her on the ranch in Merricks (with the cats). And here is her brother Riles aka Riley...

Andy Lambert...

And my trusty ole self...

See the little heart I have dangling on my collar?
Aunty Marsy gave us those. It flashes so you can see us in the dark. Now, isn't that clever?!

With such an eventful day it is needless to say that we were all puckered out when we got home.

Little Miss Couch Potato assumed her normal position straight away...

While I curled up with my giraffe...

By the way, a lot of peeps have been asking about the Inky Pup. She is ok, thank you all for your concern. She is however somewhat three-legged. That fourth leggie of hers just won't function the way it used to. When she is lying down, the sick leggie often sticks up in the air. And when she gets up, she won't put any weight on it at all.

She is coming along for little walkies now but zoomies on the beach are still out of the question.

We heard that Sunshade had a similar fate and feel now that we should be more patient. But it's been so long....

Anyway, she has just finished her course of medication so we'll be off to the vets again shortly (with that cheque book in paw) to see what's next. We'll keep you updated.

We had Max and Pekoe stay with us again for a long weekend (they sadly got picked up today), so we'll update you on that in the next post.

Bye for now.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're the bloody hell are ya?

We're back!!!

Gosher's it's 'only' been a month but it feels like absolute donkeys.

We are jumping back in time for a moment, as we understand we have some updating to do.
So let's start with Easter (it already feels like an eternity ago, doesn't it??).

We've had the bunny deliver some delightful droppings, but before we show you some photos, we must issue this warning:

BEWARE: these photographs were taken with the (rhymes with) "kitty" "kitty" bang bang camera and are as a good a quality as the land it came from. Pinkies bought this on a previous trip OS at the airport and thought, given the amount of money spent, it would be ok. But, sadly, NO. We look like smeary fuzzballs. 'Crapola' is the word we're thinking of. Anyway, moving right along (maybe it's just not set to "Airedale Settings")...

The Bunny.

It came. It delivered. We found. We gazobbled.

Now it's here...

Now it's not...

We continued the traditional annual Easter "Egg" Hunt inside...

And also had a good mongrel around with our new favourite toy, Humpty Dumpty...

Our special friend Maggie (that's Riley's mum if you remember), she made them just for us. Isn't she clever?! She is a textile and fiber artist and she even has her own Etsy store so we think you should all visit her here.

She also makes felt Easter Eggs for pinkies...

and has many other beautiful wearable pieces of art she creates.

Anyway, when the bunny (and all them delicious Easter treats) left, it was time to say goodbye. It wasn't the first time that our little family was split up but it was definitely the longest time we were going to be apart. A whole three (3!) long weeks, all on different sides of the planet.

Molly got shipped off (literally) with her seven things, including Angus, over to "the other side"...

to be with THE CATS and Riles and his family, including little Bonnie Monst of course.

Well, with such great company, she had a ball of a time of course...

Pinkies found out she had not only her own bedroom with a queen-sized bed but also her own couch

while poor ole Riles got the tiles...

Apparently Mini Monst aka Bonnie is not allowed on the couch either so her and Angus (and some other strange fellah) snuggled up at the bottom of Miss Molls' ivory tower...

Lady Limps-a-lot (that's Inky in case you had forgotten) got carted off to Auntie Marsy to spend the time with Max and Pekoe. They also got booted off THEIR couch to accommodate the guest with the limpy limb.

Our pink people went in a completely different direction and when there were reports that they had gotten to Rainbow Bridge, we were well worried.

Turns out, there is another, totally different Rainbow Bridge out there...
So luckily, they came back!! And now the whole family is happily reunited again...

And we look forward to resuming normal blogging activity!!

Lots of love,
Inky and Molly

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sponsor us!!

Hey boys and gals. Yes, we are still alive and feel like someone needs to press the pause button so we can have some time to update you all on what's been happening. But apparently, technology hasn't come that far yet....

Next on the agenda is our annual Million Paws Walk, put on by the RSPCA, the organisation here in Oz that looks after animals. They are not government-funded so everbody has to chip in.

We kindly ask that you contribute with an amount as big as you can afford so other four leggeds, the less fortunate kind, will continue to receive support from the RSPCA.

In the name of Dog, we will be walking our little paws off again this Sunday, 16th of May.
If you are local and would like to join us please jet down to Geelong Eastern Park and meet us at the BBQ huts at 9.30am, bright and shiny, bushy nose.

You can donate by following the prompts on this website.

Lets get that cash rolling!

Inky and Molly
"doing it for the dogs"
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