Monday, August 30, 2010

Impawtant Molly's Giveaway pupdate from the office

Hey pals

Auch ein besonderes "Hallo" an unsere Deutschen Freunde :)

Wowsie, this thinggy is really taking off - fantastico!

But, what I have been thinking, since my last post, is that we now have so many new & old friendsies, it would be much betterer if we had more stuffs to give away!

So, the wee Inky Pups and myself have put our Airenoggins together and thought we increase the prize pool. Yep, more special stuffs for more special pups and peeps.

Inky, generous soul that she is, has thrown in the RETURN OF THE FOURTH LEGGIE PRIZE for some lucky doggie out there.

Of course, I do NOT want to be outdone by my little skunk of a sister so I've come up with the mega-whammy:

My birthday is September 11th (easy to remember, hey?!) so I have included ANOTHER special prize, the MONGEL BEAR BIRTHDAY PRIZE. I know, this should really go to me because it is MY birthday but I want to give more than I want to receive :)

Then we got the Aireheads steaming and thinking up all sorts of reasons to include yet another prize in the big pool of rewards. And BANG, there it dawned on us...
If you have a looksie at our followers you'll see that we have now 90 friends that publicly have come forward to proclaim their love to us. Good on yers! We love you long time, too! But please forgive us if some more time will pass before we come over to your bloggie to officially thank you. So many friends, so little time.

But now, here it is...

We would really like to get that number of followers up to 100 so we will include the 100 FOLLOWERS SPECIAL PRIZE!


So that's 4 prizes up for grabs.
But hang on- four is a really odd number, isn't it?
I think it should be FIVE.

Ok. So how about, we will draw another special prize for everyone that signs the guest book during the time the competitions is on for (that is since last week plus another week from today)?
Sounds good to me. Let's do that!

We will extend the competition for another week so you have a little bit more time to think about why you are so special and deserving as to win one of our 5 (five) prizes and we have a little bit more time to go around to you all individually.

So keep on spreading the word and we will see you on your blog shortly.

Thank you all who have entered already - good luck to all!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Molly's Giveaway

With all that rain we've been having...

I've been thinking...

We've had our 100th post, and didn't even mention it.

We've been in the blogging industry over one year now, but we've let that milestone slip too.

Now the big 70 (as in 70 followers) has crept up on us and with spring being just around the corner I reckon it's about time we've celebrated.

I can sense something good.

Something special is in the Aire...

It's time for a giveaway!!!

Oh and away I shall give ... I have been hogging lots of goodies for that "special occasion", keeping it safely stashed away from the Inky Pups and all the other mongrels. Funky things, toy stuffs, special items and a few little somethings for the pinkie in the house too. And I would love to give it to somedoggie and somepinkie special.

This is big and you sure don't want to miss this one!!

Naturally, there are some rules:

If you think you and your pinkie are special enough to qualify for my Molly Giveaway, then please tell me how so. In the comment box of this blog.

If you are not a follower already, you must add yourself to the public list in the right hand column of this blog before you can leave an eligible comment. 

To participate in my 100th post - 1year blogging - 70 followers - spring celebration - giveaway you need to create a post just dedicated to said giveaway or at least mention me and my blog in your post together with a link.

I like meeting new friends so please encourage everydoggie and everypinkie that hasn't met us yet to come out of the woodwork. Tell the world!

But just so you know, the MOLLY GIVEAWAY does not enTAIL any part of myself being given away. I ain't traveling too well. I am a bit of a house cat and MUST stay with my family at all times. However, there will certainly be a little bit of Molly going with the box of goodies I have stashed :)

Go on, get posting and let's celebrate together!!!

We'll meet again, same time, same place, next week to determine the winner.
We will then be in touch to get your mailing details if we don't already have them.
And we will dedicate a special post to our special winner(s).

Whoop, whoop. I've got my party ears on and I am ready!


Monday, August 16, 2010

At the zoo

Here at the ranch, we live with an array of exotic animals.
Because there are so many different species living in close confinement, there can be the odd barney every now and then with the odd injury arising here and there.

The health system here in Australia does not always accommodate for medium to large-scale surgeries to be done straight away, so subsequently the patients have to go on a waiting list.

There are simply not enough qualified surgeons or not one surgeon with enough time so in some instances the patient has to wait several months before the much needed operation takes place.

Take Mr Duck, for example.
He arrived here about this time last year. He had only been with us a short while before it became apparent that he was of poor health. A simple tug-and-tow left him with a gashing wound on his chest and a collapsed lung. Before his "accident" he was able to utter simple duck sounds and engage in everyday conversation. After "the accident" his state of health reclined rapidly but help was not available until now.

However, we are pleased to announce that the very qualified surgeon visited our country town last weekend and was able to help not just Mr Duck but ALL patients on the waiting list.


Amongst the lucky ones that were issued with a new lease on life was The Piggy.

The surgeon was not only able to save his ear (although it is a bit more stickie-uppie than before), she also helped him regain his grunt.

Mr Duck, although capable of making half a duck noise immediately after surgery, has gone quiet for what we suspect will be forever. Nonetheless, his chest cavity is fixed. Phew...

The Kiwi regained the use of his feet (although one toe had to be amputated) and he can still speak, too. He does a really cool twerp twerp rainforest kind of call when you squeeze his special part.

And the giraffe still has one shoe that squeaks.

See how his body has different fur compared to the head and legs?
Well, this was not the first time this lucky (or unlucky?) fellow had life-saving surgery.
Maggie, Riley and Bonnie's pinkie, also a qualified surgeon, had saved his life after things got a bit too exciting down at Merricks over the bay when Molly was there on holidays last. Different town, better health system. He got seen the same week.

Back then, Angus had also much needed surgery of the neck. Because Molly loves him so much, he gained a ginormous wound at the back of the neck from all the lovin' but hung in there nonetheless.
Molly doesn't leave the house without him so, Angus, despite his poor state of health back then, made the big trip across the bay with her and was rewarded for it, too!

So all things are good now with everyone presenting with optimum health, given the circumstances, and we deemed it appropriate to gather for a family photo.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hi all it's Inky here.

Apparently, IT is still lingering. Not physically and not in the real world.

Just in her head.

There was talk that I am off the Christmas Card List. Would you believe it? Her own child!

Anyway, we have decided to give her her own blog so she can yap all about IT and other things.

Please check on her poor state of mind here

May I just point out that she hasn't got any friends yet. Not like us, anyway.
But please feel free to join her blog if you would like to meet the parent and get to know her better.


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