Monday, April 27, 2009

The Easter Bunny and good times at the ranch

My, my...time just flies when you are having fun!

Since we last left off, lots has been happening of course. So here is just a wee up date to get us up to date...

Mad (or Maddie), the Labrador, came to stay with us over Easter as more is always merrier. The Easter Bunny decided to come early (Saturday night) and gave us a tonne of pressies. In true Airedale fashion, it took us less than a minute to kill them all, while boring old Mad just run off with hers and sat quietly in the corner. Riles, Molly and myself particularly liked the squeeky Schwein and decided not to give up until the death of the pig was proclaimed dead by the pinkies - no more cheeky squeekies. Good effort, team!

Sunday morning, the pinkies' Easter bunny arrived. It was their turn to find what the bunny supposedly left behind and of course we all offered our help.

Then we played "Find It!" (my fave) with some of the treats that the Easter Bunny got us the night before...

followed by the traditional Easter breakfast...

NOTE: Monga (aka Molly or Mountain-Molly) displaying her special talent!

After that eating frenzy, we had to run off the calories on the beach of course...

before heading back in the AIREbus...

and conking out on mum and dad's bed.

High Five for the good times!


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