Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A weekend with Max and Pekoe

Hey all, it's Inky here.

You all know by know that Max and Pekoe are practically family.
They're here all the time, we're there all the time.
It doesn't really matter, it's all family.
Best thing is, they live just around the corner or rather "down the road".
We know the way quite well. If you walk it orderly on lead (who does that?) it will take you about 10min tops.
Molly, being a bit of a superior being,  has even walked the distance all by herself, forget about the lead OR the guiding pinkie. No kidding. That's how well she knows the way.
Crossing the highway, walking along the railway line and over another busy road, she's found her way home, all by herself. Twice. What a clever little chicken, hey?!
At least the second time Max and Pekoe's family knew where to find her and then decided they wouldn't leave the door open for her to escape anymore.

Anyway, that's another blog post.

So Max and Pekoe came for a weekend of "fun for four".

We did all the usual things, go to the beach together (no, I did not get let off-lead, what a sham), dine alfresco together, mongrel around together, walk around town together and so on.

But then, WE GOT DONE. Big time!

She's been raking us, scraping our furs out.
She says, every now and then we have to "pay the rent".
She plucks and plucks and "harvests" our fuzz, like there is no tomorrow.
We call it theft but she says, it's for art's sake.

What sort of art is that??

Some one call the authorities. We are being taken advantage of.

Before Max could get harvested on, he had to have some major works done, apparently.
He got a full bath (eeeeek), had his nails clipped (horror), got molested between the toes for 2.5 hrs having yuckballs cut out (yes, his own pinkie has been neglecting him) and THEN he finally had his furs stolen.

She sold it to him as the Deluxe Spa Package and tried to sweeten him by saying that he's go the softest fuzz ever and he was looking the prettiest boy in town but even our gullible Maxie didn't buy that. He did fall asleep over all the fussing around on him so he didn't appear to be suffering too much.

We must tell you, the harvesting of fuzz has been happening on a regular basis here.
You all know by now that our pinkie is well crazy.
So she makes stuff out of our furs.

You all have seen this post before when this strange fellow came about...

Have we ever told you what happened to him?

Well he was always kind of flat but he ended up flat as a pancake "stapled" to a cushion.
What a way to go.
He was named 'Riley', and that's whom he went to live with, our friends across the bay.

Just as well, we wouldn't want that stinky bugger in our house! After all we thought he was real and thus a real threat in terms of competition for OUR treats.

So we have a feeling that this beautiful mess...

...will be turned into another beautiful mess, or lets call it ART, for pinkie's sake.

After an afternoon of raking fuzz, we FINALLY got a reward, some well deserved pigs ears!




and Molly


  1. That is way too incredibly cool - my mama just saves my fuzz in bags in the refrigerator (to keep the nasty moths away). She always says that she has ideas to do something cool with it, but she never does...

    You all are adorable :)


  2. You still look pretty fuzzy to me...I don't think it was enuff missing to consider it robbing yer furries. Yer Momma makes the coolest fuzz butts. And there you are contributing to the family income! How clever. And you were paid handsomely with nummie chewies. Lucky aire's indeed!


  3. Horror of Horrors!! You all have been treated so unjustly! Being tortured and plucked and groomed! When will they learn that we prefer to be have long, wooly curls and the more matted the better!! I, too, had to endure a bath this weekend. Now, I am all soft and fluffy and smell of flowers! At least you got a yummy treat!!
    My mama loves that riley pillow. I regret letting her see this post!
    Love yall!
    The wooly, but not for long now, Janie

  4. I'm so furry grateful your Pinkie is far far away from me...

    I shudder to think what she'd do to me!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Agggg.Poor Airee's. That's reminded me I go to get my furs ripped out this week. The cushion is wicked though, it must smell wagging wonderful. Your Mom is super clever it's almost as good looking as you lot.

    Mom needle felts and last time asked the rippers to keep my furs for her to use. They did but said they had added some furs from a Jack Russell as well as they thought it was nice ..haaa!!!Well, I laughed...she didn't!

    Wiry love Eric xx

  6. Glad to see you're getting some royalties for your fur! Ours just becomes landfill.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Inky and Molly

    How lovely to have gweat fwiends so close to you ..although it scawes me to think of molly walking by hewself whewe thewe is twaffic and stuff. Youw mama is soooo clevew to make mowe aiwekids out of youw pawfct fuws. the mowe aiwkids, the bettew wowld we'll have in my opinion
    smoochie kisses

  8. that would be knit not knot Apparently she can not spell either..A+A

  9. PL2 always saves our hair and says she is going to do something with it and then she never does.. She really wants to knit a scarf with it.. That would be something to see... seeing she has just learned how to knot.... Love A+A

  10. Oh man, that's a lot of fur to loose.... what did your mom use on you guys to get that much fur off? I gotta admit tho, that Riley guy is quite handsome. How does it stay on the cushion cover and not start fraying away???

    And umm... that Molly pup is a smart one... maybe a little too smart. I mean, she can read the traffic lights and stuff to know when to cross the road, and the rail? I hope she doesn't try it again!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  11. Lovin' that work of art! Not sure we have the skill for that....might give it a try some rainy day!


  12. OMG, the Dale pillow is awesome! We think your pinkie is very creative and we can't wait to see what else she's making!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Sorry you all had to get your hairs pulled out, but you sure look fabulous now!! Our goofy mommy saves all sorts of wierd things, but has never saved our fur. Maybe she'll start now. (Sheesh, she saved lint from the clothes dryer for years so she could use it for making paper!!) That Riley is very nice...yup, he looks real.
    BabyRD and Hootie

  14. Boy, we thought we were good recyclers. You guys WIN!

  15. Don't worry about Riley. He may be cute but he's not an entertainment professional like you1
    Sherry, Alanis and Miro

  16. Our Moma saves our furs, too. Just like she did Molly's and Kizzy's. We've bags and bags of them. (And we love to stick our snouts deep inside the bags.) And the things that emerge from those bags are quite tempting. (Did ya know that Fergs flattened my mini-me? Yep. She did. Ripped it right apart one day when a breeze blew it right off the counter into her waiting jaws.) Oh well. We're happy she played with something.

    Totally commiserating with you,
    Jake (and Fergs ... who really never did get in trouble)


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