Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treading Water

Hi all.

It's Inky here.

Well, I have been treading water with my little broken knee.
Just no improvements, only limpies. It's been 5 months of boringness.
I don't know why things are so buggered up, but they are.
My outdoor life has been restricted to barking at pigeons in the back yard and umpa-lumpa-ing around on the lead outside, for ridiculously small and unexciting walkies.

The other day, I have had it. I put my best "I am a broken soul so please do something and put me out of my misery"-look on and persuaded Pinkie to take me to my favourite place in the world - the beach.

I knew she wouldn't let me go bonkers off the lead but she at least helped me get into my favourite element, WATER.

See body of water - must go in!

We came prepared. I had dressed the pinkie in her gum boots so she could brave the freezing ocean waters together with me. I was wearing my special hydrotherapy outfit and so we went to a safe spot, next to the Barwon Heads bridge where the river meets the ocean, with no waves, and firm ground.

Then it was time to really "tread water". Just what the doctor had ordered!!

I can't tell you how good it felt to have the icy goodness swishing and swoshing and splishing and splashing in my leg furs. I love nothing more than the feeling of "beach" between my toes.

Boy, it was hard not to take off and go bananas but I know what my limits are at the moment.
We went up and down a few times and I guess I was a bit buggered after all that exercise.

We headed up to the nearby cafe for refreshments.  Overlooking the coast I gazzobled my raw hide bone...

ahhhh, life was good again...

When we got home I was well ready for snoozies...

and since I have become a cripple, the couch seems to be my favourite place.

Ahhhh, thank you, Pinkie.

I needed that....



  1. Ahhhhhh!

    Smiles on the other side of the world fur both of woo!


  2. Water therapy is the best thing for crook knees; but isn't it FREEZING? Cold we could take but freezing??? Hope things improve soon so you can do some zoomies.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Oh Inky, we are so sad that your knee isn't improving. It is great you got to go swimming though.

    Noah & the gals

  4. We've heard that water therapy is a great healer! We hope you get to visit the beach again soon, Inky!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hi Inky,
    Your Mummy is such a nice pinkie taking you for a water session. We're sorry your leggie isn't better yet so we're sending you loads more Airezen.
    Nibbles & Headrubs
    Nelly & Finn xx

  6. Inky, we were so hoping your knee would be well by now. But we know that hydrotherapy will help you. Maybe you can go to the beach again soon.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. Ciao bella Inky!!

    Awwwww, cara amica, your poor leggie. It is molto frustrating for any doggie to have to sit it out when it comes to playtime, but it's an extreme and unjust horribleness for super-active Airedogs like us.

    But ... it sounds as though your mama is verrrrry considerate of your dolce self (not like la mia ragazza is with me ... plllbbbbbb!!!!) so it's miraviglioso that you she took you for some splendid water therapy at the beach! Plus, I, Lucia, noticed that you got to have a nap later on the sofa! I pointed this out immediately to la mia ragazza, as I have been campaigning for access to the sofa at our house. Do you think la mia ragazza was persuaded?? Hah!!! She said, "Inky is recovering from an injury, Lucia, but YOU'RE fine, so don't get any ideas."


    Anyway, please take good care of yourself, Inky Pup, and give Molly a huggie from me!!

    Tanti baci!

  8. Inky-

    That looks like pawfect therapy to me! Very nice of your pinky to take Inky Pup.


  9. Hi Inky just popped over to say hi, sorry that you have a nacky knee, say hello to Molly for me, Mini hey, I don't mind being called that, but don't let any other WT's find out!
    See Yea George xxx

  10. Hope you heal up soon and get back to running around. I know how hard it is to be laid up. Just think of all that energy you're storing up so when you get a doctor's release you can go jumping and leaping and running and.... oh let me dream cuz I can't see well enough to do all that, so you do it for me, ok?

  11. Inky,
    I sure hope your leg gets better soon-we want you to "go crazy" again!
    Your buddy,

  12. Inky, Du siehst so süß aus.
    Ich bin traurig, dass Du immer noch nicht gesund bist. Ich hoffe die Therapie hilft Dir schnell.

  13. Inky
    Yeah you got off the couch and to the beach! I was so worried you were confined to indoor activity only! That water therapy will strenghen your leg before u know it! Keep it up!

  14. Ah the beach is the healer of all things.
    Violet liked the beach but not the water - so far. I'll have to tell her about your adventures.

  15. miss inky,
    yay for your pinkie taking you to the beach! i'm glad you got some good water therapies in and had a way fun time. i hope your knee keeps getting better and better really fast like. it's no funsies being all cooped up. :(
    the booker man

    pee s -- my mama is the biggest dork evarrr!!

  16. Oh, Inkie. We wish you could join us here at the beach where the water is warm, just like a therapy pool. We're too scared to get in, but you'd love it and it'd be such good therapy for you. We're glad you got to tread some water, and we're even MORE glad that your pinkies are so good to you. Slow but sure you'll continue to make improvement. We know you will.

    By the way, thank your pinkies for us for sticking with us during our long hiatus. It always made us happy to see when you'd stopped by and visited. It made us feel not quite so far away.

    Keep getting strong.
    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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