Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wash Day

Well, yesterday was wash day. A day, that never starts off great. The local pet store offers $1 dog washes on a Tuesday so mum spends her lunchtime taking us down for a good (?) soak if we've recently indulged in grimy bone or, in Inky's case, rolled in feces or other rotten animal remains. We can assure you, we do NOT like the procedure much at all.

After 10 minutes in the hydrobath each we get a rub-down before we get out and go absolutely bonkers. It's rubbing our selves against shelves, on the floor, on other people...anything we can find in the shop that offers some kind of friction and smell-attraction. We go absolutely "flippin' bananas" (mum's words) just to get that ikky feeling off our skin.

Often the seizures last more than 10 minutes and we must rub ourselves against fences, lampposts, concrete structures etc as the pinkie drags us home. On a bad day, we still feel the urge as we enter the home and shoot straight for the rug where it is "face down, bum up" driving around for at least 4 laps before collapsing in a heap, panting from all the activity.

However, there is a happy ending. While paying for the dog wash at the counter, mum also picks up an order of pig's ears. So when we finally get home and have settled down a bit we hear our favourite advertising call, "Schweineöhrchen"...



  1. G'day pals
    Wow wash day...we go nutty after a bath too.
    You were asking about my Santa Suit....B bought that from one of those cheapie shops years ago. Try a $2 shop.

    Noah x

  2. I get that same compulsion to wipe myself dry on any and everything - the white couch is my favourite.

    But what a payoff with those yummy looking pigs ears!


  3. We had wash day at our house yesterday, but Mom does it in the sink and then we do all of the silly things you do. We try to rub in poop as soon as we can so Mom better watch it today!!!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  4. We go crazy after baths too! Sadly, we don't get pigs ears after our baths. We need to have a serious talk with our mom about that!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  5. We do so much swimming this time of year that wash days are few and far between...not that we miss them! The best part of wash day is rolling around in the grass afterward, reacquiring familiar smells!

  6. Hate washdays too!! But love pigs ears just as much as you do!!

    lots of woofs

  7. We've got a perfect image of your washday! Partly because of your perfect and comprehensive description, and partly because it's just what Fergs and I do, combined. Only difference is: Moma separates us. I get a little too wound up and it bothers Fergi. She snarls at me while she does the deck rail rub. Of course, in my opinion, she gets just as nutso, but just in a different way.

    Moma had a question tho: don't those pig ears make you all stinky again? She won't let us have them (yet).

    Jake and Fergi

  8. We've never rubbed ourselves all over everything and run around like nuts after a bath! Are we truly Airedales?!
    We haven't had a pig's ear in a long while! We think we're due for one!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. I had to get a bath last night, and it was no fun! At least you guys got some delicious pig ears! Those are on of my faves!!


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