Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun times at the botanical gardens

Hi all, it's Inky here.

I took my pinkies, Molly and the Labrador to the botanical gardens the other day.

It's been very sunny and warm and not wintery at all here lately so I thought it be a grand idea to stroll amongst some exquisite flora while enjoying the afternoon sun.

I must tell you there is quite a variety of ferns, flowers, shrubs and trees about however, this one caught my eye in particular...

Nice and pink, I thought. Lovely dash of colour even though being somewhat dormant in the winter season. Next up, a splash of yellow...

Equally lovely.

Tim and Molly went off the beaten track a bit...

Then, to keep the pinkies entertained, I allowed them to grab a cup of tea at the cafe while we had some snooze time in the sun...

I got the huffy puffies just from sitting there, that's how warm it was.

The shade of the lush growth seemed very appealing...

On the way out I waved good-bye to the Bollards...

There is a story about Geelong and the Bollard people and one day we will post about it on this blog. But it's bye for now.


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  1. What a beautiful day and a beautiful place and some beautiful doggies!!


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