Monday, June 29, 2009

Tongue Action

Ok, it's time for some serious tongue action.

Our pals, the world famous Rocky Creek Scotties, are running a comp of the best shots of tongue in action and we are in!

First up is Mad. Boy, has that old dog got a tongue on her...

Then it's over to Mongel Bear aka Molly...

And Inky Pup...

We thought we'd also sneak a shot of our dear friend Pekoe in.
Not just a pretty face...

So there you go. That's us. If you'd like to participate just post some shots of tongue in action on your blog, then head over to the Rocky Creek Scotties and let them know about it. Voila!


1 comment:

  1. You're at the beach! Think we could hop on a floatee and meet up with ya for a good romp? It might take a while.... let's see... what route would we take? Ah ha! Through the Panama Canal! We're headin south! You'd be fun to play with!

    Jake and Fergi (dreamin on)


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