Thursday, May 14, 2009

Airedale rescue

Hi, its Molly here.

Well, it's probably obvious to you by now that I am the sensible, more mature Dale around here. And as that, I get to see some pretty silly things...

Take Inky for example. Anytime she sees a body of water she just runs straight in, displaying a dalish keenness, beyond all reason.

So it happened the other day that she just bolted into the local river (with all the algae and lots of wet in there...eeerk....). In with a big splash!

But did I laugh hard when the clever little girl ended up lapping around in circles, slightly panicking, 'cause she couldn't climb back up the shore.

I just sat there, watching, feeling reassured...

So mum had to run up to provide some Airedale Rescue to the half drowned. Luckily Inky was wearing her car safety harness so she could be hauled out from above, without mum having to jump in after her. She got her boots pretty wet though, and they are not gum boots, she said.

So here is a pic of the young lass, all drenched and smelly, being told off...

Do you think she'll learn? I'll have my doubts...

Dog bless the smart Dales,



  1. Poor, Inky! She looks kind of panicked struggling to get out! You would have saved her if she was going to drown, right, Molly?!
    We bet she got tossed into the bathtub when she got home!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hey! Maggie and Mitch sent us over here for a sniff, and we're glad we came! The more terriers....the merrier!

    We'll be back! Come visit us, if you'd like. You are MORE than welcome!

    Jake and Fergi (your wire fox terrier cousins)


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