Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surviving (just)....

Hi all, it's Inky here.

Life has not been fun...

Out of 24 hrs in the day, I have been confined to my bed 23.75 hrs. Not much fun for an Airedale, let alone an Inky.

To ease the boredom, beds have been strategically placed around the home by my nursing staff, so every few hours I get shifted to another room for "a change of scenery" (and for my staff to get a chance to freshen up the sheets)...

When it's time for potty, I ring a bell and I get carried out. I call it a "Tim Taxi". Every time on time.

I also signed up with the "meals on wheels" program and, no matter what bed your in, they find you and serve refreshments and food right to your bedside.
Ever so convenient.

I have been like this for a week now and the first few days were definitely the worst. I was all drugged up and didn't fancy the world much at all.

I couldn't and didn't want to move. Didn't want to speak to anyone. I was depressed and bloody sore (biggify)...

And I can't for the world of me think of what I could have done to deserve this.

Pinkie said, I had torn a cruciate ligament and been "too much of an Airedale" (is there such a thing??). Well, I am sorry, Cruciate Ligament, for hurting you or even tearing you. I wasn't aware. I would like to take this opportunity and kindly apologise to you for any harm I may have caused. Can you please forgive me? And can I please go back to normal now??!!

Well I thought I was dying until a familiar pair of footsteps approached...

Uncle Owee!!! He had come to have a beer with me and I would NEVER think of not getting up for MY uncle Owee!!

I LOVE uncle Owee!!

After greeting uncle Owee and "giving him one", I felt knackered and had to hop (literally) straight back to (another) bed...

Luckily, just I was returning to my state of depression, Lacie and her crew of Wire Foxies turned up to help nurse the despondency away...

However, what my Foxy Friends didn't know is how BLOODY hot it gets in this country. It was 44 degrees Celcius here the other day, which, so Mr Goolge tells me, is 111.2 on the Farenheit scale.

With Max and Pekoe being here as well, my staff have been working overtime nursing me plus supplying icy treats and cold neck ties to everyone; every hour, on the hour.

Here is Max sporting his neck tie..

The icy treats (where would we be without them??)..

And Pekoe devouring the icy goodness...

Once the heat (and the Foxies) had left town we loaded the Airebus and headed down to the river for respite. I ordered another Tim Taxi to get me from the car onto a lush green grassy patch under a big cool tree and watched the water skiers (a nurse by my side) while the rest of the crew went for a walkie. No photos here as the pinkie (apparently) had her hands full.

So that's me, pottering along, just surviving. Apparently there is 6 weeks of this life and a total of three months of "not being an Airedale".

What does that even mean??


Thank you for all you well wishes. Every little message helps me cope a little bit better...


  1. Well. First of all. We are sort of glad that your post titled Lady Hops a Lot died. Or never took its first breath. Because we don't think it's particularly becoming (or sympathetic) to you. We prefer to think of you as Lady Most Excellent Patient or even Lady Very Good Sport. 'Cause we are quite impressed with your first week of recuperation and the minimalism (is that a word?) of your complaints. Now I know where Fergi disappeared to ... and came back from, needing a shower (from the perspiration ... no doubt). I hope that the diversion was a helpful one ... even if it was more the smoothies (and not the wireys) that made you feel better. I'll be trying to get more information out of Fergs. She's usually good to tell.

    For now. Stay low. Like off the beds. It looks like that won't be a problem for a while ... but we're guessing it's gonna be a while before jumping around is okay. (We talked the peeps into sleeping on the floor for a few nights! Give 'em those eyes if you need to.)

    We're glad to hear you're progressing back to some degree of sensibility. Just make sure to follow doctor's orders ....

    We love ya, Inky.
    Take good care.
    Heal fast.
    Jake and Fergi

  2. OMD!

    That's way way too many degrees!

    Tank woo fur the update on your rekhovery and hop hop hopping along!

    Paws khrossed it khontinues to go well!


  3. I'm glad you are's a rough surgery. Puffy injured his knee falling out of the big bed and the vet lady said he was toooo old to risk surgery. So he just kinda hobbles about, some days better than others. He's been retired to the floor, much to his dismay and MY joy! Love the icey treats, I'll hafta get your secret recipe.
    Lots of sweet snuggles,

  4. You poor thing! It looks very ouchy to us! 3 months of not being an airedale - how is it possible? What are you going to be instead? A poodle? You are in very good nursing hands - love the icy treats - 44 degrees? Whoa! I want to send you some of our snow - we have too much of it

    Keep patient and relaxing

    Sally and Paddy

  5. Miss Inky
    Oh my.. you have the best nurses! I can't stand your depressed expressions.. I'm glad your uncle came over. Mom says she'll cover for a beer to cheer u up . Get better soon! Please!

  6. Inky girl, lord that leg doesnt look too good. I've gone out in sympathy with you. I didnt hurt my leg like you but its a bit sore and I'm limping. We dales have gotta stick together.
    Anyway we all hope you're getting lots of rest.
    The special treatment sounds good. B is actually carrying me down the stairs to.
    Take care of yourself and you'll be well soon because we're sending aire-zen.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  7. We hurt for you, Inky, and it's so darn hot! Hang in there - we are thinking of you and sending tons of AireZen your way!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Inky, we think the heat would really add to the pain - we wish we could send you some of our cool aire. Sending healing Scottie vibes and Labrador licks your way.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  9. Liebe Inky- Maus,
    da bin ich aber froh zu hören und zu sehen, dass es Dir ein klein wenig besser geht. Ich drücke ganz doll die Daumen für Dich. 3 Monate kein Airedale sein zu dürfen ist schwer. Aber Du bist doch ein tapferes Mädel und alle kümmern sich so gut um Dich. Die Zeit vergeht ganz schnell.
    Liebe Grüsse

  10. Hallo Inkypup!

    Dein Bein sieht aber gar nicht so schlecht aus und es sieht aus als ob Du doch auf drei Beinen gut rum kommst. Du hast ja tolle Krankenpfleger!

    Mein Bein ist nicht so schlimm. Mutti hat sich Sorgen gemacht weil ich nachmittags ploetzlich nicht mehr vom Bett richtig aufstehen konnte. Morgens geht es mir toll und ich raste immer wild mit Finni rum.
    Erst dachte Mutti ich habe HD, aber meine Tieraerztin meinte es ist 'soft tissue damage'. Jetzt ist nichts mehr mit rumrasen ... und dabei hab ich gerade so ein tolles Spiel erfunden ... auf Treppen mit einem Ball: Treppe hoch, fallen lasen und hinterher runter rasen, Ball fangen und wieder die Treppe hoch, usw ...
    Jetzt muss ich sogar im Garten an der Leine sein :( - Mutti sagt mindestens ein paar Wochen :(( ... und sie gibt mir Medizin! Glucosamine sulphate und Arnica mit Rhus tox und Ruta! Aber die schmecken alle lecker.

    Wir schicken Dir und Molly ganz viel Airezen!

    Nelly xx & Finni xx

  11. That leg looks horrible! Its making me afraid to run around, I don't want that to happen to me. Soo sad, not being able to be an Airedale! It seems to me like they are expecting you to act like a cat, with all that sleeping and being carried around! I hope you start to feel better everyday!

  12. Darling look so sad..I think you need a bit more of Lacie's cheer up smoothie..Just enough to feel better but not enough to make you want to go walking.....I have let the girls go swimming for a bit( really we are not used to this heat) and then we will all come back and read a little to you....then we will get a few rose petals to put around you so you can smell something lovley..then maybe a nice cold beer...Love A+A

  13. The heat sounds unbearable. Try to stay cool and stay down low and rested. No bed or couch hopping. We are sending you Aire-Zen galore. Take care and keep all of us posted on your recovery.
    Love from Texas!

  14. w00fs, nice to meet u iz sorry u not feels so will have to git mama to read ur back posts to find out what happened to sure looks like a bad ouchie...hope u git well soon..

    b safe,

  15. I am happy to see that you are getting the royal treatment; however, I know you would much rather be able to run around! Bless your heart! Your poor leg looks like such misery!! And all that heat, too! Mama and I are sending you love, hugs, and wishes for a quick recovery!!! Also, those icy treats look yummy!!!
    Love you guys!!

  16. You are one plucky square aire head Inky. Not milking it much. You need the leggeds to be down and dirty on the floor with you. Attending to your every whim. Like Ice Cream hourly.Smoothie Ice cubes. Fillet steak on a silver platter. Hand fed of course. In the meantime make sure you are cool and comfortable. Take care. I feel for you.

    Wiry love n kisses Eric xxxx

  17. Just checking in on my inky girl... any improvements? Sending you my kisses!

  18. That is one big, bad injury. Mom is sitting here biting her fingernails, hoping it never happens to us. Well, me. Alanis doesn't go around jumping like a maniac.

  19. Darling Inky, We could have sworn that we commented on this before, but obviously we didn't. So sorry you're in such rough shape, but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.We are all pulling for you too dear one.
    BabyRD and Hootie


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