Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Miss Lampshade

Hi all

Yes, yes. Very funny. I sure heard them all by now....

Little Miss Lampshade, Lady Satillite, Funnel Head, Bucketling etc on top of the Lady Hopsalot and Miss Limpsalot. I must tell you, it's all wearing a bit thin now and I am ready to go back to normal.

But apparently it is only week three of six full weeks of nix, nuffin, nada, zip & zilch.

Everyday I make a point of giving them THE LOOK as often as possible, just to show that I think it's all THEIR fault. And it is. THEIR FAULT. Why did HE have to take me there, and why wasn't SHE there to protect me?!! And all that looking I do... it's working.

I have them so far, that they take me for drives instead of the daily walks and romps on the beach, feed me culinary delights every hour on the hour and carry me to as many different locations throughout the day as possble in order to stimulate the "Airedale's delicate mind", like a person in the know once said.

I give Molly as much grief as possible too (why ME and not HER?) and run into her with that dreaded cone of mine as hard and as often as I possibly can. Hah, why should I be the only one suffering here? What did I ever do to anybody?

The good thing is, every time I get a treat (hourly), the helmet comes off. I quickly sneak in a lick of my THIRD non-healing wound on THE LEG before the culinary delight is served. She yells. I give her the "MUM, I am suffering, BIG TIME!!"-look...

and she forgives instantly, serving the delicious snack anyway...

My fave these days is dog sausage stuffed in a Kong. Contrary to its name, dog sausage does NOT contain dog, it is however served to dogs. And Airedales like it too! Inkys especially.

So some of the stinky goodness gets cut up into long pieces, then she smears it into the Kong, nice and tight, so its stuck together and to all sides like some kind of mashed paté paste. Enter the Inky tongue, and GO!!!..

The rest is history...

That takes about 20 -30 min (depending on stuffing technique) out of my BORING ole existence so I ensure I have a few of those throughout the day.

So things are still a bit drab but I am surviving just fine. Thank you for all your kind meassage, I really appreciate them.


The Inkypup


  1. Dear Inky, So glad you sent us this update. Well the cone is the pits, but sounds like you are getting yummers treats and being fed every hour almost sounds like heaven!! Be nice to poor Molly now...she probably is a little jealous with all the attention you are commanding. Still hoping for a speedy recovery for you.
    XXXOOO-BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  2. Inky, we are glad to hear you are being treated like the queen you are.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  3. Oh no! Not another 3 weeks to go, Inky! At least you're getting out in the Inkymobile and you're getting yummy treats. We sure wish you could ditch the stoopid lampshade! It would make your life a whole lot easier to take!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Oh Inky, was freue ich mich von Dir zu lesen!
    Nutze die Zeit, in der Du wie eine Prinzessin behandelt wirst mit vielen Dienern und Boten richtig aus, fresse nur das Beste. Dann wirst Du schnell wieder gesund.
    Liebe Grüße und Küsschen von Mischka,
    der Dich wegen der aufopferungsvollen Betreuung rund um die Uhr beneidet.
    Küsschen auch an Molly

  5. Hi Inkypup,
    SIX WEEKS of bedrest? Aargghhh! You're doing so very well! I got bored and ripped my new basket :) after just 1 week! My leggie is getting better though, and I started to go for (very short! - 10 minutes on the lead) walks yesterday.
    That Kong technique looks good.
    Keep doing that look - it's great!
    Nelly xx

  6. Woo do innocent and deserving sooo furry well!

    Keep up the GRRRRREAT job!


  7. I think you look regal, like Queen Elizabeth! The cone draws attention to your beautiful face! I know you are terribly miserable, but hang in there! Only 3 more weeks! I know... easily said as I am not injured and an ocean away! Much love to you all!!

  8. Inky,
    I think you look regal, like Queen Elizabeth I! The cone draws attention to your gorgeous face! You can do it.. only 3 more weeks! I know.. easily said as I am not injured and an ocean away! Much love to you all!!

  9. You sure that dog sausage doens't contain dog? Cuz I'm volunteer Scruffy for sausage useage...or is it usage...humph...spelling is an over rated talent...

    Now I'm comin' over to provide some much need distraction from that leggie licking... have three good legs and a bunch of toenails, knit we will...we're gonna start on a purple sweater with a matchin' scarf for's cold here...

    Kisses and DUMP THAT LAMPSHADE...


  10. Inky

    I agwee wif evewyoe, you weaw that dweaded cone like a cwown wif youw bootiful face fwamed. I know it seems endless, but it's half ovew!!! think of that! and I'm so happy to heaw that you awe given so much extwa wondewful considewation and tweats you desewve!!!!
    I wish I could come visit you and Molly, but mango has said absolutely NO FWATEWNISING,,sheeesh..It's lonely at the top of the judge's heap
    smoochie kisses

  11. We feel for you Inky we really do. You're right, why did it have to happen to you. Not that we wanted it to happen to Molly no no no.

    You'll be free of that thing soon. Hang in there matie.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  12. Inky

    Half-way there now! We're thinking of you!

    Clive and the NSLM

  13. Darling Inky,Of COURSE it is al their fault we all know that...and the LEAST they can do is give you a bit of hot dog ....geesh..Asta is right, it is half over....keep thinking soon the cone head will be off, soon the cone head will be off...Love and kisses A+A


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