Sunday, January 31, 2010

Competition Mania

Hi all it's Molly here.

With all these competitions going on, and us having missed the Mango Minster deadline already (sorry Norwood, I know we have disappointed you), we thought it would be time to get the speedy boots on...

As you all know, we are one "man" down in the Inky and Molly team so I took it upon myself to save face.

Again, it's confusing. Biggie Z's name for his dog pile comp has nothing to do with dogs piled on top of one another (although we could have contributed to that as well). No, no. It's about dogs with piles.
Oh, hang on, that's not it either. Sheesh, this is going all wrong...
No, it's about stuff being piled ontop of the dog. YES! And Airedales too.

So, we're in.

Pinkie thought it was fun to play and good ole me, being such a good sport, I play along with anything they want me to. That's how nice a monster I am.

So here is us getting ready...


I am  ready for my first load of washing...


Yep, that's one whole load of white washing plus some hand-wash garments.
Yep, just in case you're wondering, it's DIRTY washing. Smelly Pinkie Stuff.


Load #2: The Brights (apparently they don't go together with the whites).


And load number #3: Dark Smelly Pinkie Stuff plus Inky's beach towel.


And the good stuff keeps on coming... Yep, two Stinkie Pinkies hadn't done their washing for a while (their excuse is, looking after Inky is a full-time job...yea, right...)


Nicely topped off with some half-dirty stuff they found in the bedroom. "Half -dirty, what's that?", I hear you ask. Apparently, it's the stuff that has half been worn, isn't quite clean clean anymore but doesn't justify wasting water and detergent on it yet.

Well it alll seems pretty complicated to me. Why do they have so many clothes anyway? We only have two coats, on and off. Surely that's enough for anybody??

Anyway, while they decide what's half dirty, dark or bright, I am having a nap (not sure if you can see it, but my eyes are closed and I even uttered a "before bedtime sigh")...

...before I get rudely awaken by the tape measure. Dog, do I hate that thing. It's made from metal and I CANNOT stand the noise it makes. I am off...

But pinkie had just enough time to work out that my pile is just under 1m high. Should I be going to the doctor's???

Moving right along, next up is Tucker's sit -stay contest.

As you know, the Airedale is a direct descendant of the ape and thus I am very good not only at climbing trees but also at hauling myself up onto any other elevated platform whenever I wish to do so.

Here I am on top of the fish pond at my grandparents' home...

And you all know about my fave spot in the back yard to have a tete-a-tete or a romantic dinner for two with my fave male pinkie. Well, I also like to spend time there by myself, watch the birds, peek over the fence to spy on the neighbours or to simply to reflect on life...


And that's my entry for Tucker's contest!



  1. It looks like you might have some winning entries!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. You deserve a medal for all of that laundry piled on your sweet self, Molly! Good luck to you in the contest!
    Your sit-stay entry is a winner too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Well Molly you are one patient dog. I couldnt stand having all that washing piled on top of me.
    Good luck with the comp!!!


  4. What a great entry!

    Well done - we were very impressed you would allow all that dirty washing to be put on top of you!

    lots of woofs

  5. You are so funny! A dirty laundry dog pile. That should get something for originality!!
    Hope Inky is still on the mend.
    BabyRD and Hootie

  6. What a great entry - you are very good to stay put under there - Paddy likes to sleep on top of the laundry - D spent a lot of money on beds - but give him a pile of dirty clothes and he is in heaven. Is there a competition for dog on top of a pile of things? Paddy would definitely enter!

    Sally and Paddy

  7. Molly,
    You are a much nicer monster than I am! Whenever mama attempted to "pile" things on me, I jumped us like a crazy dog! At least they're washing the dirty laundry and not you! Your bench looks like a great place to hang out, too!

  8. It's a shame you couldn't be covered up completely where no one could see you. Then when a pinkie least expected it, you could move and jump out like a big dirty clothes monster! Woo Hoo- wouldn't that be funny!

  9. OK...we think you've already won...good heavens...and it wasn't even like your pinkie gently added each stink (your words not mine) piece of laundy...NO...SHE DUMPED THE WHOLE BASKET ON YA...

    OMD...we're laughin' so hard we can't even breathe...


    You guys sooooo rock!


  10. This is too cute! Such a happy dog.

    Director of Blogger Relations

  11. Molly
    I am blown away by youw entwy..shoowely that has to be the winnew..such patience and fowtitoode! and sooo many pinky awe fantastic!!! and youw climbing abilities awe none too shabby eithew!! good luck my sweet fwiend
    smoochie kisses to all of you

  12. Inky and MOlly
    I would never forget my true blue friends like you! First off I was disappointed no Mango Minster entries from you but that would be hard NOT to choose you. Plus Inky would get sympathy points. Now.. that pile on... geez LAUNDRY? Why can't they pile on ice cream scoops or nacho chips? Oh well.. I think you may have a winner.
    Kisses to Miss Inky... heal heal heal quick!

  13. oh my goodness!!! you are totally going to win!!!


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