Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something bad has happened...

Hi all it's Molly here.

Sheesh, I don't even know where to start.

It's about the Inkster, she no good at the mo.

I noticed how she left with Tim early in the morning Tuesday. They didn't come back all day. Then Tim came back late, without the Inkypup.

The next day, she still wouldn't come home.

Just between you and me, I didn't really mind too much. I spent some time running errands with the pinkie, had all the attention to myself, got spoiled without having to share anything. I thought, not having that little mutt of a mongrel around sure has its benefits.

Just as I was beginning to settle into the only child routine, Thursday night, Inky reappeared.

She was being carried in like a wounded slodier.

I gave her a good sniff all over. She sure smelled off! Some weird stench coming from her. I found some wound oozing pus on her knee...

There was some other rank smells coming off her, especially her mouth and backside. Had she been vomiting or the victim of extreme diarrhea??

Even I started to begin feeling sorry for the poor lass...

Gosh, whoever or whatever got to her, shaved her butt and leg on one side nearly completely and she also has a shaved patch on her back.

She's broken! She can't even stand on all fours (let alone twos) anymore.

Worst of all, she doesn't want to play.

Guess what she did today? She hung all day in her bed, none of the usual Inky antics, not even a hint. Just sat there...

She slept most of the time but often she would just look at me as if to say, hey, i would love to move but I have lost my spirit...

It nearly broke my "big sister heart".

Today was a very hot afternoon so the Inkypup got a cold wet cloth on her head to keep her cool and comfortable (well, something tells me she still wasn't comfortable)...

Well, don't ask me what's going on. I did raise that question with the pinkies. They threw terms like cruciate ligament tear, arthroscopy, epidural, hospital and $4000 at me and I can't make sense of any of this. Did she have a run in with some monster??
Gosh, where were you to protect her? I hope you won't let anything like this happen to me...

The poor honey has been hand-fed dog sausage and milky water. She can't stand up to eat so she gets meals-on-wheels to her bedside.

Today she got ice cubes with frozen treats. I must be fair and mention that I got in on the treats and special treatment, too, so I cannot complain really. But I'd rather have a little less treats and a little more Inky.

She even had to be carried out to go potty. She then sought respite in her kennel.

Now, a word about the kennel: we don't go in there. We only ever go in there when the world's end is nigh or when we feel Armageddon has already been.

So you know what the sentiment around town is at the moment. It's plain awful.

Lucky we got Max and Pekoe here now for 2 weeks. They will be some good company for both, me and the Inks.

I'll keep you updated on the developments of the little one.

MOLLY (concerned)


  1. Molly!
    What in the world has happened?? Inky looks positively pitiful! I'm so worried about both of you! I'm sending lots of love and hugs and prayers!Sounds like we may need to have a fundraiser to help with Inky's vet bill debt!

  2. Aw, Molly. We're feeling so bad for Inky. What a wringer she's been through (your peeps, too. What good peeps they are.) It's confusing, isn't it, to have a sissie in such a state. Good for you for trying to understand and being understanding. And for helping us know what's going on so we can be thinking about you all and sending good healing terrier vibes your way. We hope her recuperation is a quick one. It'll make us happy to see her up and running around with you again. (The oozy pus isn't a complication, is it? We hope not.)

    Keep up the loving support, Nurse Molly.
    Love (and concerned, too)
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  3. Molly

    Poor Inky! That is just terrible - how did that happen to her. We are thinking of you all and hoping Inky is feeling a lot better soon!

    take care of yourselves
    Clive and the NSLM

  4. Oh poor heart is broken when I look at her.... please be kind with her. I know you will be the best sister of the universe !
    Kisses, Faya

  5. Molly,
    We hope she gets better. It sounds like she is loved, and the pinkies just want her to get well, too. Mack's been not well also, but like you, I would prefer to have Mack and not the food he want eat.
    Sally Ann

  6. Oh no! What terrible news - poor little Inky - we do not like the look of that leg! It is like a AiredalePoodle cross - we are sending as many healing vibes as we can.

    You need to be a good Sister and bring treats and toys and you are in charge of entertainment!

    We like the idea of being hand fed - even though we are perfectly fine!

    Sally and Paddy

  7. oh know molly thats terrible news - we have our paws crosses for inky

  8. Molls,

    We so hope Inky gets back to her spunky self soon. We know you are so worried about her. Give her a kiss for us.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  9. So sorry to here all this. Just now checking on some of our bloggie friends- the Momma's been gone taking care of her Aunt and Uncle. All of us are sending tons of Aire-Zen and Aire-hugs to her. And prayers too. Take care with your little sister.

  10. Molly
    I am vewy distwessed to heaw this tewwibull news..poow little Inky and poow you and youw pawents ,.the must be so wowwied about the sweetie and how to pay fow all those dogtows..
    can we do something to help???
    a fundwaisew ow something???
    I hope that Inky impwoves and gets hew spiwit back.

    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  11. Poor Inky! Sounds like she is getting great nursing and comforting though. I hope it isn't too long before she's back to normal.

    Ruby and Gracie

  12. OMD poor, poor Inky dear!! We are so sorry to hear about this most invasive surgery. Perhaps you could call Asta and the girls to come and help nurse her?! Having to lay around for a Dale is, like you said, possibly Army-Giton. Yikes. We'll definatlely keep her in our prayers...not to mention your parents for the huge $$ burden this must cause. XXX-BabyRD and Hootie

  13. Poor Sis!

    BUT I know if woo help keep her khalm, she would be good as new in a bunch and bunch of sleeps!

    One of my Sibe pals had his done - and he's spunky as evFUR!

    I'm sure she will milk it fur what it worth BUT I'm sure woo khan get some Pinkie Points by being HELPFUL!


  14. OMG, poor Inky! We are hurting for her! We sure hope she heals soon! Major AireZen is coming your way, Inky!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. Oh Molly...I'm puttin' on my nurse's uniform and poppin' right over there...sheesch..a bum knee?? A tear??? Oh my...we feel awful for dear Inky...I can nab Asta too and Aggie and Koobie and Fergie if we need to take shifts...

    Now Molly...I will need ice for um well a nice relaxin' smoothie for your peeps...and large chicken...preferably dead for the pot...perhaps you could get Noah and his sisses to deal with the chicken...they are quite good at it...

    Please gather up all her linens so that I may wash and freshen her basket...

    I will be bringin' Dogopoly and some videos of Noah eatin' frozen hoki fillets for some entertainment...

    No, I don't need any special accomadations...I will be sleepin' in a basket by the patient...

    Kisses dear ones and healin' zen should be arriving soonest...

    Laciegirlie and her stoopid Brothers

  16. Oh Grrr...Blogger just ate my comment...

    Now Molly...I will be arriving shortly to take shifts of nursing Inky...I will be needing lotsa ice for healin' smoothies...mostly for your peeps...a preferably dead chicken for the pot...get Noah and his sissies to procure that for me...they are most talented in that regard...I will be bringin' Dogopoly and some videos of Noah eatin' Hokie fillets for Inky's, no, I don't need a special bed...I will be just using a basket by the patient...

    Now if you could run and gather up all of Inky's dirty linens, I will be washing and freshening her basket for better rest...perhaps some lavender would help too...

    Kisses dear ones and tons of terrier zen is on the way...

    Love, Lacie and her stoopid Brothers too!!!

  17. Crikey pals, what happened? Inky, did you have an accident girl? We hope you will be ok soon. Sending lots of aire-zen for our matie.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  18. Oh my doG! This is a terrible disaster! Inky, we sure hope you feel better REALLY, REALLY fast! You poor baby! Take good care of her, Molly!

    BTW, those do look like train tracks, in our back yard, but it's actually a walkway out to the bird feeders. The stepping stones are covered up with snow so all you can see is the black edging.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  19. Oh poor Inky, what on earth happened.

    Molly you must be a good sister to Inky and let her have lots of rest so she can get better quickly.

    Airezen coming over from the UK.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  20. Oh no Miss Inky
    How did you tear your ACL? I have a tear in my eye just looking at your photos. Wow... what will miss molly do now? I can come over for respite play care.... geez and I'm hoping you were entering Mango Minster contest Terrier group..Get well soon! Big kisses

  21. Oh, ich lese es jetzt erst, und kann nicht richtig übersetzen, war eigentlich passiert ist. Ich kann es nicht glauben!
    Es muss ganz furchtbar schlimm sein.
    Arme, arme Inky! Sie sieht so traurig aus.
    Ich schicke ganz viel Kraft, Tapferkeit und Optimismus, über den großen Teich und Hoffe, dass es Ihr bald wieder richtig gut geht.
    Molly, Du musst nun lernen, eine gute Krankenschwester zu werden.
    Ich hoffe die nächsten Bilder zeigen eine etwas glücklichere Inky.
    Mitfühlende Grüsse auch ein Eure Zweibeiner
    Mischka und violett
    Wir drücken die Daumen!

  22. Oh my...I am sooooo glad I got here to get things organized...sheesch...Molly, you're exhausted with all this nursing go and lie in your basket while I attend to things...

    I'm going to make Inky a large bowl of oats to tempt her appetite...then a back massage for relaxin', followed by a bedbath...You dales and your beardies...they need a dale beardie freshenin' machine...

    I will be finishing ironin' the sheets for her basket while she naps...

    Oh...where's the ice for smoothies?? Sounds like the peeps could use a bit of nourishment too...

    Um, that chicken that you got from Noah is most alive...I'm sending him around to vacuum and dust...I'm sure you have some frozen for the pot...

    Hang in there dears...Nurse Lacie is here...

    Kisses, Nurse Lacie, almost RN

  23. Noooo,poor sweetie Inky. Thats awful how did that happen? I see the nursies are coming over to help Inky. Perhaps I can join them to make the pinkies soothing cups of tea? Served with digestive biscuits for dunking then make pucker Marmite sandwiches for lunch instead of your Vegimite rubbish. I'll be bringing double decker busloads of terrier healing zen too.

    Until then. Be thinking of you all.

    Wiry love n kisses Eric xxx

  24. Stopped by to see how Inky is doing. I see that Lacie suggested I might be able to pull a nurse shift. Nothing would make me happier. I've never done that before and I'd do my very best to help make her feel better. I'd even sample the oats and the chicken soup and the marmite sandwiches. I'm very good at "food".

    Feel better sweet girl
    Fergi (and family)

  25. Molly

    I came by to welieve Lacie and help nuwse Inky..I will change hew bandage and wock hew to sneep aftew making a noowishing soop fow hew. Meantime all the othew sweeties who've come to help can play wif you Molly so you don't feel so sad.

    Smoochie healing kisses

  26. Oh dear oh dear oh dear........ As usual we are WAY behind and just learned of darling Inky's surgery...oh dear oh dear.. I will be right over to help the nursing team( I act as head nurse sometimes to keep Lacie in line) and Archie is working on some joke books to keep her spirits up..Archie has bum knees himself so he is commiserating.....oh dear oh dear..get the tea pot right there Love and a billion kisses A+A

  27. Oh, this is very bad - poor little Inkygirl! Her leg looks very sore, but she is very brave!
    We're sending lots of Airezen so she gets better quickly!!!!
    Headrubs from Finni and Nibbles from Nelly
    X X X X X X X X X X X


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