Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dale-Togethers etc

Hi all

Gosh, it's been donkey's again... Where were we?? Ah yes, that's right. The xmas in July do...

We didn't have any images to post for a long time. It appears our pink person was too busy on the day making mulled wine and raising funds for AireNet Airedale Rescue so she didn't take any photos. We had our paws full running after the other 30-odd Dales that attended of course.

Sue F of AireNet Airedale Rescue has now kindly supplied us with some shots so here we all are!

Our friends Jane & Fee together with their human pups had kindly opened their doors again to provide for a fun-filled day of butt sniffing, stealing treats and mongreling-around. Boy, did we have a ball....

And it appears the pink people had a jolly good time, too.

Here are Uncle Eric (right) and Auntie Helen. Helen made a fabbers cake with Airedales on it and it was one of the prizes for the raffle.

Here is our pink person announcing the lucky winners. Five lucky bastards walked away with our signed Todd Young prints depicting our beautiful race.

Auntie Jen had made loads of goodies again and there was a table full of stuffs including the coveted AireNet wine (click to purchase)...

So there MAY have been a tipsy pinkie or two... 

What a day!

Anyway, next on the agenda of dale-togethers was a holiday up in Beechworth together with the Leuradales (photos stolen from Denise's Facebook page).

That day we had Duke and Zena come up with Auntie Jen, Gary & Lorna. We had a ball!

And a couple of days later, Auntie Helen together with Uncle Eric and Emma & Mink came to join us for an afternoon of funsies.

Willow and Mink are litter mates and it was their first reunion since puppyhood. What a pair!

We would like to thank the Leuradales and their pinkies for an awesome time. They were the perfect hosts and we loved their cottage and backyard!! (more photo's on Elfi and Denise's blog if you're keen).

We ourselves stayed in Yackandandah at "Time after Time" and we can highly recommend it to fellow travellers (they are pinkie friendly!).

The hosts looked after us really well and made us feel very welcome (despit Molly barking her head off at them). We'll be back! (if we're allowed..)

One last sunrise at the cottage (Molly)

And some well deserved rest (Molly and Angus, Inky's rear)

before it was time to go home. Ahhhh.....



  1. Great to see you back!

    Looks like you have been having an extra brillo paws time.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  2. It's wonderful to see you back!! And it looks like you had a super time - Todd Young prints and Airedale wine - does it get any better??

    The Rocky Creek Scotties and Ivy

  3. Hi Inky and Molly, boy you guys have been busy. It looks like a fun event. And then you had visits with family and friends. Good times for all.

  4. What a fun time! We hope you got to snack on some of that Airedale cake!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Good to see you guys. Wow what an adventeruous two you are. Partying like it's 1999 or 2011 what every floats your boat.

    Great pictures.


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