Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Birthday madness continued...

So the word was, that there would be some more presents hidden in the sand.

So off we got to work...

We really are a good team these days when it comes to digging, but had I told you how tired I was by that stage? I tried to have a micro sleep and let Inky do all the hard work...

But the lass came up with little more than an Airehead full of sand...

So I got myself up again do have a look for myself (you can biggify this just to see how deep in I really am)...

Yep, up to the ears!! And little Inky Pup tried to push in again. Puppy, you had your chance!

Well, I made a complete mess of myself...

And guess what, after all that, it turns out that there were no presents hidden in the sand at all. Thanks, dad. I am glad you got a laugh out of that!

Ha, I sure gave them the look of death so they decided it was time to make up to us and take us to the cafe for lunch. Roo sticks for the Birthday Girl...

And all is forgiven...

I share my birthday with my Aussie grandad...

Here he is celebrating at a restaurant in Melbourne together with our pinkies.
For some unknown reason we were not allowed to come but instead stayed at fellow Dales Max and Pekoe's place down the road.

We have no photographic evidence of what we got up to at Mama Maree's place but by the time the pinkies got to pick us up the next day, there was not much left of us...

This is us at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, absolutely mashed...

Ahhhh, what a birthday bash weekend. Looking forward to next year. Same again?!!




  1. If woo had only dug a bit deeper, woo might have ended up HERE!

    So, which would woo choose: the skhwirrel OR the bunny?


  2. We got our passports ready - we definitely want to be part of the festivities next year.

    Lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  3. What a brilliant birthday you had. Love the sandy look.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  4. OMG, half the beach was on your noses and in your beards!
    What a fabulous birthday you had, Molly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. What a fun weekend - Tell your Grandpa Happy Birthday for us.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  6. What a great way to end your birthday celebration! I bet all that digging was hard work! At least you took half the beach home in your beards for the pinkies to clean up! hehe payback for telling you there were pressies hidden in the sand!

  7. Aah, was für wundervolle Buddelbilder!
    Ich wäre gern dabei gewesen. Man sieht Euch den Spass an.
    Liebe Grüsse Mischka

  8. Molly and Inky
    What a Biwfday celebwation!
    I am totally jelly..youw digging was soopewb and suwely you desewved to find a giant pwessie...thank dog the woo stick at the cafe helped ease the pain of defeat.
    If youw Gwammpa had half as good a time as you, he must vewy happy indeed.
    How coold that you have dale fwiends to stay wif.
    I pawsonally think you looked smashing wif the sand on youw face (I heaw that sand scwub makes the skin soopew smoof)
    smoochie kisses

  9. So THAT'S what we're supposed to do in the sand? You mean we were at the beach all summer and we missed all that excitement and fun? You've just opened up a whole new world to us!!! And it made us happy seeing your Grampa's smile - he looked like he was enjoying the day as much as you! Happy Belated Birthday! And thanks for the inspiration! We're gonna start counting the days till we can go to the beach again. (Maybe we can practice digging in the snow, first. Does that work?)

    Jake and Fergs xxoo

  10. Schóne Sandbárte habt Ihr! Das war ja ein toller Geburtstag, und den mit Freunden zu verbringen ist eigentlich ja auch sehr schón. (Mutti hat die Umlaut taste noch nicht gefunden, hehe)
    Nelly xx

  11. I must say I loved your sandy noses....Fantastically done. I wish we had a sandy beach here in KS

  12. I can't believe all that digging and no presents. Dad has some nerve. I think you kicked some sand at my computer b/c all I see is sand all over your snooter... hee hee..

    That was fun. Just invite me for next years bash!

  13. Hi Inky and Molly.
    Just checking.. if you are still digging. I was hoping you'd dig a hole and end up over here.

  14. Have ya gotten all the sand out of your snouts yet? We're guessing that stuff stays put for a long long time. Just long enough to remind the two-leggededs how much fun it was!

    Thinking aboutcha,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  15. Digging! One of my fave pastimes! It was a shame Dadders was a trickster n left no pressies. Love the red hatty. I'm glad he finally made up with some tasty nummy num!


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