Monday, January 18, 2010

Just as I thought it couldn't get any worse...

Hi all. It's Inky here. A BATTERED Inky.

I thought it was bad enough that I can't go to the beach, can't mongrel-around with my sister and friends, can't walk, stand or do anything at all really.

Well, the Gods have thought of one more thing to punish me with...


I know that my pal Fozzie had his fair share of the mean treat recently, but I had never thought it would come around to make my life even more miserable than it already is.

Apparently there has been some complications. Has there ever!
Not in regard to the actual new knee (thank the Lord of Puppies, or I don't know what else I would have to endure). It's the other oozy hole in my leg instead. Hooray!

I was told that while I was knocked out (Bastards!) during my "operation" ("torture" would describe it more precisely) they had me pinned up, like a dead insect on some foam core, to keep my leg "in the right position". Well I am glad that my leg was in the right position for my torturers, however, it left me with a nasty infection from the pins they used. Schanks a lot.

And because of that, I have been unable to put pressure on my leg. My little footsie had not touched the ground since before my op and I've quickly gained the nickname Lady Hopsalot. A concerned call to the "the specialist" (an expert in his field of torture) by my pinkies raised alarm that something could have gone terribly wrong so on the morning of day #8 I was rushed back to hospital.

Oh boy, I didn't want to go back THERE....

Anyway, it took the vet all of 5 seconds (we travelled there for 1.5hrs) to laugh it off (I am glad someone was amused) and let me go with $150 worth of antibiotics.
"That should clear up the infection which has been preventing her from putting pressure on her leg"....

Now, can you imagine though that an oozy hole in the leg would give you the irrits and that you would want to lick it 24/7??
Well, the solution for that apparently is to put a bucket over ITS head.

HELLO!! What about my dignity?? And how on earth am I meant to chew treats or rest comfortably or even look around, the last pleasures left to the cripple that I have become??

I sure have been practising THE LOOK of total disapproval...

and have been succeeding at getting THEM to feel guilt-ridden enough to take the bucket off on occasions. I quickly sneak in a decent lick of the wound (got to make the most of it), but before I know it, I get yelled at and the bucket is back on. So unfair...

Meanwhile, the oozy hole is still driving me stir crazy!

When will I be able to walk??



  1. Oh Inky!

    That is just soooo furry wrong -

    I hope woo get better ASAP -

    As fur getting worse, well, woo khould have gotten new 'do's like Noah and The Freaks!


  2. Oh nooooo....the evil cone of humiliation! How awful! I'm sorry yer knee is giving you the willies and I sure hope those Auntie Buy Ott Ticks make you're oozie hole get dried up quick.

  3. Bless your little Airedale heart. Really feel for you. Hopefully all of this will go away soon and you'll be up and at 'em before you know it!

    Sending Aire-Hugs
    from the Texas gang!

  4. I hope you feel better. It will get better soon. I know it will.
    Welshie kisses and licks,
    Sally Ann

  5. Inky girl, the stink'n pins shouldn't have done that to our matie. That's just not on. You look very sad. We hope you're better soon.

    Noah xx

  6. Inky, We're so sorry you have to wear that awful thing and hope the antibiotics make you well soon.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  7. Wooos Inky! I am so sorry. That thingy on the head is horrible! I have never had to wear one, but it looks awful! I hope the meds make woo feel better soon,in the meantime I will be keeping my paws crossed for woo!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. What sad eyes. What a horrible story of ongoing torture. We feel really bad for you and hope the antibiotics do their job, quickly.

    (Don'tcha just wish the peeps would have to wear that bucket sometimes, and see what it's like? It'd be a great diet mechanism. Don'tcha think?)

    Love and so sorry,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  9. Oh Du süße, arme Maus. Was tust Du uns leid!
    Leider sind wir wegen Übersetzungsschwierigkeiten nicht ganz im Bilde, was Dir passiert ist und was man im Krankenhaus mit Dir gemacht hat. Wir sehen die Bilder, lesen von Deinem Loch im Bein, das sich entzündet hat und dass Du viele Antibiotika nehmen musst.
    Liebe Inky, bald wird es Dir wieder besser gehen! Schau nicht so traurig. Du wirst wieder laufen, springen und rennen. Es dauert nur noch ein Weilchen.
    Trost-Küsschen von Mischka

  10. What a bummer, Inky! Life is sure not being fAire to you! Our paws are crossed that these antibiotics work quickly so you can ditch the stoopid evil lampshade! You have enough problems without having to deal with that too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Oh INky we are so sorry that your pinhole got infected. BabyRD says she feels your pain. She got an infection in her leg 2 years ago after the Phoenix groomer nicked it while being boarded.She had to wear the cone of shame for 2 weeks after she got home and was very unhappy.(If you have not seen the animated movie "UP" you MUst see it!That's where they call it "the cone of shame".) We hope her poor leg clears up quickly.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  12. Inky,
    My grandaddy has had to have two new knees! He also had a "hole" on his shin and have to have special ointment to make it better! I just know you'll be fine once your body adjusts to all the trauma!! It breaks my heart to think of you having such a difficult time!! I'm praying that you have a speedy recovery, my sweet friend!!
    Love you!!!

  13. Sweet Inky

    What a howwibull owdeal. I am so sowwy that it got even wowsew and that now you have to weaw that awful collaw. I am sending tons of heling smoochies fow youw oozing leggie , so that it can heal quickly and you can feel happy and bettew vewy vewy soon
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  14. Oh Inky, that is so unfair! You are sure not having it easy at the moment. Hope the infection clears up quickly and you can get rid of that cone.

    look after yourself


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